No matter which part of the world you live in, you won’t be a stranger to power cuts. Your perfect and seamless day can be thrown into turmoil if you are not prepared for a power cut. Your house drowns in darkness and boredom starts kicking in. A lack of basic supplies can make things all the more difficult. Power cuts happen because of many reasons. The most common and predictable time of a power cut is during a storm. A tree can fall and disengage power lines that get electricity to your house or neighbourhood. Of course, there are some power cuts that are scheduled for repairs and the public is made aware of it beforehand. Though some power cuts happen due to natural calamities that come without warning like a hurricane, tornadoes, earthquakes and so on.

There are many ways one can be ready to fight such power outages. Stocking up on some essential items and buying some specific electrical appliances can help you easily sail through a power cut without any discomfort. Let’s have a look at 8 of the best items that can help your home fight a power cut.

7 Things to help you fight a power cut


Water is probably at the top of the list when it comes to essentials. You just can’t do without water. A lot of houses do not get water when there is no power as they use pumps to actually get the water to their tanks and homes. Without water nothing is possible. It is imperative to store fresh drinking water away from sunlight. If you have enough water to drink, cook and bathe then you would certainly be avoiding a lot of problems.

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Most foods have a very short shelf life. A lot of foods do not last very long even if they are in the refrigerator. If a power cut lasts for more than 2 days then you may find yourself in a lot of trouble if you do not have food stored up. Canned food would be the best choice for you to have. Other things like dry fruits, peanut butter, chips, and other such consumables can help curb your hunger. An empty stomach does not let you think straight and you tend to make irrational decisions


You can find matchboxes lying around your house but if you can’t then you should go to any nearby store and get some. Matchsticks are very useful when you have to fight a power outage. You can light candles around your house, start a fire if you need to or simply get some seconds of light for some activity. You never know what challenge you could be facing and to have a matchstick to spare will always help your cause.

Diesel Generator

If you have a generator then the only thing you need to worry about is fuel. A diesel generator runs on diesel and can power up your entire house. Of course, the more load you put on the generator the more diesel it is going to use.  Also, you should always prefer a diesel generator above a petroleum one as they have a longer life and are much more efficient when it comes to fuel usage. If you need any help or advice about your generator, you should consider contacting a professional like Pass Electric, who specialise in Generac Generator services in Red Deer, AB; they are trained electricians that will be able to assist you with whatever your needs.

Solar panels

Getting a solar grid on your house is probably one of the best solutions to power outages. A solar panel can power a lot of essential appliances and is also eco-friendly. It is not a cheap option but once you get it installed you probably will do away with a lot of discomfort.

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Cells / Batteries

It is always a bad idea to work or do anything in the dark. During a power cut, your home plunges into darkness and you are not able to do a lot of essential activities. Having spare batteries at hand means that you can power a torch or an electric lamp for hours. Not only that, a lot of appliances these days run on batteries and you can make use of them if you have enough batteries to spare.

Things for Entertainment

Boredom is probably the most dangerous thing that you go through during a power cut. Having nothing to do can make you do some things that aren’t exactly practical and correct. If you have some board games or card games handy then sitting down with your family and waiting out the power cut is an excellent and constructive option for you.

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Power cuts can bring frustration and anger to the forefront due to the lack of some basic necessities. If you can arrange some of the things mentioned above then you can avoid all the negative aspects that come along with the power outage.