uPVC Doors

When it’s time to invest in a new front door, you’ll discover a range of options available to you. But which is best? From classic wood to modern aluminium, from composites to custom-made, there’s a great selection of doors on the market, all offering their very own features and benefits.

Today we want to talk about uPVC doors, a solution that came to prominence in the late 1980s, when large building developers switched to the cheap, versatile and durable plastic. It is now the most popular choice for homeowners, and it’s not difficult to see why.

We round up our top seven reasons for you to install uPVC doors…


uPVC is by far one of the cheapest construction materials, and much more economically priced than its timber and aluminium counterparts. And while it’s a low cost window and door solution, uPVC installations can still add a tremendous amount of value to your home should you come to sell.

Good to the Environment

uPVC has excellent thermal performance, meaning that you can conserve energy and save money, achieving optimal energy efficiency. It is also a lightweight product that requires less fuel, thus preventing pollution, so it has a low carbon footprint. Finally, uPVC is also highly recyclable, and 99% of manufacturing waste can be reprocessed.

Low Maintenance

Since it’s a highly durable, weather-proof material, uPVC requires very little maintenance. A quick wipe every now and again will keep it looking fresh, and there’s no worry of corrosion or damage as with other materials.

Long Lasting

uPVC doors and windows can last years and years, especially if you opt for high quality products that have been designed and manufactured by experts. Plastics are renowned for their lifespan, and have the added bonus of never needing paint or varnish.

Weather Proof

As mentioned before, uPVC is great in terms of energy efficiency. It’s also resilient to all kinds of weather, with a nonporous surface that rain simply runs off. Unlike wood, uPVC never changes shape or warps after becoming wet, so you can guarantee a solid, consistent structure for its lifespan.

Safe and Secure

Of course, perhaps the most important feature of a door is its safety benefits. The very best uPVC doors come complete with excellent security features, including toughened glass and reinforced locking mechanisms, so you can rest assured that your home is safe and secure.


uPVC is extremely versatile, so you are guaranteed to find a design to fit in with the aesthetics of your home. With a wide range of backing patterns, bevels and colours available, you can select your perfect uPVC door that won’t scrimp in the style stakes.