When did you last get your boiler serviced? Proper maintenance of this important home appliance is essential if you want to make sure your family has access to heating and hot water all year round. There are some simple steps home owners can take to ensure their boiler is in tip-top condition all the time.

7 Home Boiler Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

Here are seven essential home boiler maintenance tips to have in your arsenal.

Make Sure it is Properly Serviced Every Year

To keep heating bills low, and to ensure sure your boiler is in peak condition all year round, make sure it is properly serviced once a year by a gas safe engineer who can check the components are safe and in good working order.

Is the Boiler Pressure Correct?

A boiler must be set at the right pressure to make sure it can circulate heat and hot water around the pipes and radiators. Look at the pressure gauge and make sure it is set somewhere between one and two bar. If the pressure is too low, or conversely, if it is too high, it can be adjusted by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Learn to Bleed the Radiators

Air gets trapped in radiators over time. These ‘pockets’ can then prevent them from heating up fully and you can end up with cold patches. Bleeding radiators can be done very easily at home by using an Allen key to gently open the valve and release the air. It’s a job that needs practise and patience, but is simple to do.

Make Sure the Flame of the Boiler is Blue

There should always be a strong blue flame on your boiler. If it is orange or yellow, then you need to find a professional to undertake a boiler service near me, who is gas safe and can help solve any potentially dangerous issues, such as a carbon monoxide leak.

Keep Your Boiler Well Ventilated

A boiler needs a lot of space around it so it can remain well ventilated. There should be no clutter and nothing hung on it or left nearby that can cause dust and debris. It’s perfectly ok for a boiler to be housed in a cupboard so long as there is at least 700mm between the boiler and the wall (or any obstructions)

Make Sure All Your External Pipes are Lagged

This is a job that is best done before the colder months set in. Make sure all your external pipes are lagged with ready-to-use pipe lagging or felt, which can be inexpensively bought from DIY stores. A cracked or leaking pipe can wreak havoc on a home.

Lastly…Never Make Repairs Yourself…

If you think there is a serious problem with your boiler, or you know it needs more than just maintenance that you can carry out yourself, call in a gas safe engineer as soon as possible.

A gas safe engineer is the only person who can legally carry out proper repairs to a boiler and ensure it is running to the best of its capability. If you’re unsure about the nature of a problem, give a properly qualified engineer a call as it’s always better to be safe than sorry.