Moving to a new residence is stressful because of a list of things you have to accomplish to transplant yourself in a new neighborhood successfully. If you’re in the middle of packing, you may be thinking that bringing all your stuff is too much of a hassle. Big items like furniture are one of the most tedious things to move. So what do you do with them?

5 Tips on How to Get Rid of Excess Furniture before Moving

Starting a new life somewhere is freeing and fresh, so it’s natural to want to begin anew with new surroundings, floors, paint, and things. It’s tempting to leave all your old things behind. Here are some tips on how to get rid of excess things before you go.

Premoving Garage Sale

One way to downsize the number of things you own and get paid for it is to have a premoving garage sale. This is great if you live in a neighborhood because your stuff can be sold right away and cash is paid up front.

If you have too much stuff to sell but you don’t have enough manpower, consider asking help from a significant other, friends, or family. You can go to your new home a little lighter, and you can use the cash you earned to buy new items.

Sell It Online

This is an alternative option for those who can’t hold a garage sale because of the lack of space or time. Fortunately, there are hundreds of options on how you can sell extra furniture online. You can go to online advertisement websites and e-commerce websites or use social media to sell preloved things. Each channel has its various pros and cons.

If you go for online ad sites, you may be bombarded by random inquiries, which can waste your time even though you’ve listed all the details in your post. Social media can be similarly discouraging because of similar issues. E-commerce websites are more secure because some sites verify members who are interested in buying things online. Remember to choose whatever is best for your circumstances.

Give to Family/Friends

If you would rather have a family member or friends take the pick of the litter, then ask around as you may find relatives or friends who are willing to inherit large furniture off your hands. The best way to spread the news of your move is to tell everyone you need to get rid of stuff, and see if they want to take them.

Take pictures, and send it to them either via email or a private group on social media. If you don’t have the means to transport the things to your friends, prioritize those who are able to pick them up for you. Either option is convenient because the more things you give away, the fewer things you have to take to your new place.

Donate Used Furniture to Charity

There are always nonprofit organizations that need a few items. See if charitable organizations in your area are looking for things you want to dispose of. Make sure the items are in usable and good condition. Some nonprofit organizations either use them or sell them to use the money to help fund their services and programs.

Luckily, information on these groups is accessible online, so look them up, and ask if they accept your donations. Some organizations do provide pickup services, but you need to inform them ahead of time or schedule an appointment.

Dispose of Old Furniture Responsibly

If you don’t have takers or your furniture is unusable because it’s broken or too old, you can dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way. Contrary to what is seen in movies and TV shows, it’s not a good idea to leave used furniture on the stoop or on the side of the street. You could get fined by the city or neighborhood for improper furniture disposal. Contact the local waste-management company for more information, or ask the landlord or neighbors.

You can also ask furniture movers if they are connected with organizations that can take used furniture to the landfill or a recycler. Some movers have this service too.

Do you have tips on how to get rid of unwanted things before moving? Share some advice in the comments.