Due to wear and tear, homes can quickly look less smart than you had originally counted on, with shabby furnishings and chipped paint diminishing the professional and sophisticated appearance of your rooms. However, smartening up your home does not have to be difficult – read on for some of the top ideas that families are now using in their homes to add extra flair.

6 Ideas to Smarten Up Your Home

·        Replace Carpets With Wood

Although carpets can remain warm and fluffy for the first couple of weeks of your purchase, they are difficult to upkeep, with many families finding that their carpets quickly become stained, or that the ply soon wears down. This can give your home an old-fashioned appearance, especially if you are struggling to keep older carpets clean with the vacuum. To ensure that your home maintains a smart appearance, you should replace your carpets with wood flooring Surrey, which will make your home look sleek and smart for years to come, especially since wooden floors can be easily washed down on a regular basis.

·        Restore Your Furniture

Although furniture can quickly become torn or shabby due to regular use, many families cannot afford to constantly replace their tables, chairs and sofas. If this is the case, you should find ways to restore your furniture to its original appearance. For instance, there are many cleaning products on the market, which can help to bring the polish and colour back to woods and fabrics, as well as refinish them. If your furniture is beyond repair, you should consider repurposing its style, and consider creating DIY shabby chic and rustic pieces, which can make items look intentionally scruffy while also hiding any damage to them.

·        Add an Extra Coat of Paint

The easiest way to smarten up the appearance of your home, however, is to add an extra coat of paint to any room in which the walls have faded or become cracked or chipped. With the cost of painting your walls being just over £16, this is an incredibly simple and effective DIY way to make your house look instantly brighter, transforming the entire appearance of your home in a barely noticeable way.

·        Invest in Soft Furnishings

If you want to smarten the appearance of your home, but cannot afford to replace the bulk of your furniture, you should instead consider investing in soft furnishings which can disguise and hide any damage or scratches on your furniture or floors. You can also wash these often in order to maintain a smart appearance. Not only this, but soft furnishings can make your home look instantly trendy and inject colour into your rooms, ensuring that you have a constantly sophisticated space.

·        De-Clutter

However, keeping your home smart can sometimes be as simple as de-cluttering your rooms. You can do this by organising your rooms and ensuring that everything has its proper place, throwing away anything that you do not like or need anymore, and increasing your storage units to ensure that your space does not look cramped or overcrowded.

·        Keep Décor Simple

Simple décor is the key to sophistication and smartness though, and you should look to decorate with dark-wood furnishings, which bring an element of elegance to any room and matching paint and furnishings in one or two colours that can help the room to work together.