5 Unique Ways To Create A Home Spa

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There is nothing more relaxing than taking a spa day and just escaping the world. When your day to day stresses get on top of you, you need to invest in some rest and relaxation. Getting away from it all and going to a spa is a fabulous way to unwind and chill out. It is important that you take the time to let go of your stresses and enjoy some calm time.

The only thing better than going to a spa on a regular basis is having a home spa in your bathroom. By creating a spa, you can have a place in your home where you can unwind any day of the week. Creating a home spa doesn’t have to be too expensive. By making a few simple changes to your bathroom, you can create a personal oasis in your home. Once you have made your spa, you will have a place to escape to whenever the mood takes you. Here are five unique ways you can create a home spa.

1. Invest In A New Shower System

One of the most common complaints about showers is that they are not powerful enough. To get a real spa experience, you should invest in a shower, which has a strong flow. A heavy and powerful shower can do wonders for how you feel. Standing under a powerful jet is almost as good as having someone massage you. When your muscles are feeling tense because of stress, you can just have a nice hot shower to relax them.

2. Install A Music Player

What is the one thing that every spa has? That’s right, a music system. Calm, relaxing music is the key to helping you unwind. Usually you can’t play music in the bathroom as it is dangerous to take electronics into a wet room. You can have a safe music player installed in your bathroom, though, which will allow you to have a spa experience at home. Look into music system options and see which one would suit your bathroom style. Once you have a music player installed you can play soft music when you have a bath, which will add to your experience.

3. Make Sure The Décor Is Neutral

You are never going to relax in a room that is garish. Painting your bathroom bright green may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but now it just looks like a mess. Instead, opt for a neutral colour scheme within your bathroom. Research has found that neutral colours help to relax the mind. Find a colour that suits your bathroom and will help you to relax whilst you are in there. Try pale oranges or browns, which promote relaxation and look luxurious.

4. Make Your Bath A Jacuzzi

For the real spa experience, you are going to need a jacuzzi. There are a wide range of bathtubs, which also have jets in them so that they can double as a jacuzzi. Why not look into a style that will suit your bathroom? For example, there are many p shape baths, which you could enhance with a few powerful jets. Once you have a bath with jet streams installed, you will be able to feel as though you are in a spa whenever you take a bath.

5. Consider Getting Light Dimmers

When you are in a spa, the lights are usually dimmed. It is hard to create that atmosphere in your home with normal light fixtures. The best you can do in this instance is have the lights out and use candles. You can get that spa feel, though by installing light dimmers in your bathroom. Using light dimmers you can set the light (and mood) to whatever you want. Having dimmed lights will help you to create the right spa atmosphere in your bathroom.