Your home isn’t set in stone. Well, obviously it is, being made of stone and all, but it’s not an entirely immutable object. If you’ve got enough cash in your bank account, you could turn even the most decrepit looking property into a beautifully furnished, ornate and wonderfully complex home.

But you can’t jump into a major renovation quickly. Instead, you’ll have to meticulously plan changes to your house, like a master architect polishing off their latest masterpiece.

 3 spectacular design ideas for your home

You aren’t, however, a master architect. You’re more of a bumbling homespun creator, an average schlub who’s stolen all their design knowledge from old episodes of Grand Designs and Changing Rooms.

Don’t fret. Make a cup of tea, sit down and read a few of these neat renovation tips. You won’t be a pro by the end of this article, but you might just find a little bit of inspiration.

One floor extra

There’s something exotic about mezzanine floors in a residential home. It screams decadence, like someone screaming “DECADENCE” in your face.

For those of you not in the loop, a mezzanine floor is essentially an extra level to your home which is held up by steel girders. You could use this extra floor as a balcony, a viewing platform, a spare room, or even a special space to entertain guests.

As with a large number of specialist interior design projects, you’ll have to call in a professional to help you out, and where better to search for a helping hand than mezzanine floors London? In the capital, there are plenty of providers who can create experts mezzanines for your home. So get in touch with them and enjoy.

A bit of flow

Here’s something to consider – do each of your rooms flow and merge nicely with each other? This might seem like a strange question, but a house without confluence of design will look hodgepodge and scattershot.

Before you start any major redesigns of your home, consider what you want the overall feel to be like. Do you want a warm, rustic look or an ultra-modern and clean-looking abode? With this knowledge, you’ll be able to create a home that’s brimming with personality.

Conversions a-plenty

There’s nothing worse than some home space not being used to its fullest extent. Those spare rooms and unconverted attics are nothing less than prime real estate being put to waste.

Before you rush into a conversion, make sure you’ve got all the appropriate permissions from your local council. After all, no one wants to become bogged down in red tape after they’ve built the perfect home.

If you’ve got any other conversion tips, why not let us know in the comments below?