Preparing Your Home for a Redesign


There are few things quite as exciting as getting a redesign done at home. The feelings of saying goodbye to the various features you don’t like and saying hello to gorgeous new ones. But, as you’ve probably guessed, redesigning a home or even a single room is no walk in the park!

Here are the steps you should take to prepare for a redesign at home.

How do I know if I need a redesign?

If you’re asking yourself this question, then you probably don’t need a redesign! It’s only something you should be doing if you’re not happy with your house as it currently is. But it couldn’t hurt to get the thoughts of others.

If you’ve got any design-savvy friends, why not ask them for their opinion? Tell them not to pull any punches. They should give you their honest opinion. And you shouldn’t take any offense, no matter what they say! (It’s hardly fair to tell them to be honest then have a go at them for it!) However, I’ll say it again: it should only be your opinion that really matters, here!


Try to come up with a budget or cost estimate

There are several things you need to account for. If the redesign is extensive, you’ll need to look into getting large items temporarily removed from your house. (More on that below!) You’ll need to purchase the materials that are going to be used. You’ll also need to look into getting the time of a professional interior designer.

It’s going to be difficult to get a 100% accurate cost estimate for this sort of thing. But you should do your best to tally everything up. If you’ve decided on a budget, see how feasible the estimate is for you.

Clear the place of items that will get in the way

The art pieces you have hanging on the wall are pretty easy to get out of the way. But what about those pesky sofas? That big table right next to the wall? Your home cinema system? I know you love them, but they’re just getting in the way at the moment!


If there are things you don’t need anymore, dispose of them. Otherwise, move them to another room. If that’s not possible, get them transported into storage elsewhere. If you need help with such tasks, you can look to one of the many helpful removal companies out there. They can help you transport bulky objects to another house, to a storage facility, or even to a recycling facility.

Consider getting help from an interior designer

Who’s going to better at designing the interior of your house than… well, an interior designer? Many people are tempted to take on this task by themselves. After all, surely the homeowner is the right person for the task, considering they’re going to be living there! Right?

This isn’t a good mindset to have at this point. An interior designer will have years of experience doing this sort of thing. They’ll also be working very closely with you, so it’s not as if they’re going to give you something you hate! And if you are adamant that you want to do it yourself, at least look into some interior design classes.