One of the most expensive systems in your home could be the HVAC system. Therefore, you probably would do everything you can to keep it running in good condition and keep its maintenance upkeep regular to prevent further damages to it if issues begin to occur.  Although you may be comfortable checking filters and thermostats, you probably would seek professional help to do the regular maintenance or to do repairs on your HVAC system. Learn more about HVAC – click here.

3 Best-Rated HVAC Companies in Burke VA with Emergency Repair Services

If you are not sure which HVAC company to choose, no need to fret as you are not alone in that dilemma.  The following tips can guide and help you decide which company to get the services from.


A good number of HVAC contractors and companies get their business going by word of mouth. Asking from family and friends about HVAC services and if you hear a company name mentioned more than once, that would mean you have found a good option. Also, when you mention to the service provider that they were referred to you by friends, they would most often perform their best to prove that there is truth to the word of mouth.


Proper insurances are important. This means that the company is capable and has the resources to make correct any accidents that will happen as they perform their services. This is to protect, not just the interests of the company but also, the homeowners. Accidents can happen at any time and anywhere. If accidents involving physical injuries happen, this will be covered by insurance and the worker’s compensation. However, those accidents that cause property damage to the client would need to be addressed; thus, the need for company insurances.

Regulating Agencies

Checking contractors through agencies can be done online. The reports that thee agencies create are based on actual customer experiences. Overall ratings are made available for potential clients. Other agencies to check are the local mechanical inspection offices. Local inspectors make every day check on the works of HVAC contractors and they would know which among the providers are sloppy in their industry. It is vital that the contractor you choose is conformant to regulations similar to those mentioned in

Documented Agreements

Permits are important. Again, this is for your safety.


This should be at the top of your requirements list in selecting your contractor. Choosing a contractor based on price and rate is sometimes harmful. If you go for cheap contractors, the tendency is you may be sacrificing the quality of work. Learn to look for quality workmanship at a reasonable price.

24-hour Service

HVAC contractors with on-call services are always a better option. If you have this option, pay particular notice to the rates they charge, they might charge inflated rates on outside-office hours. Emergency services are very important, especially on the coldest days of the year, when your heater suddenly breaks on an ungodly hour; you might have to freeze first before an HVAC specialist would come to your aid. A good relationship with these companies is always a plus factor. Regular customers often get serviced first.

Here are some of the options:

Richards Heating & Air Conditioning Co Inc.

  • Family-owned company and also family-operated since 1959
  • Upholds its commitment to classic old-fashioned values
  • Looks forward into the future, striving hard to improve and always keep up with the trends in the industry.
  • 6-times winner of Carrier’s President Award which distinguishes businesses that exemplifies true excellence in every facet of practice and service
  • Also a recipient of Angie’s List Super Service award
  • Boasts of its quality installation services and superior craftsmanship
  • Excels in taking clients concerns into considerations, requirements, and future plans to satisfy the customer’s expectations
  • The staff works around the client’s schedule and keep their work area organized, they promote system efficiency
  • Keeps a large inventory of equipment and are always ready to respond immediately as possible
  • Features a mobile service fleet and they see to it that they respond and complete the majority with only a single house call.

Brennan Heating & Cooling, Inc.

  • As a gone a long way from 1977
  • Is a leader in preventive maintenance
  • Knowledgeable in build designs
  • Not only do they install and cater HVAC services but also points out deficiencies and solve problems, and is committed to improving their clients’ “quality of life” through their unparalleled services.
  • Performs at the highest level of reliability and efficiency

Dwyer Plumbing Corp

  • Has been in the plumbing and HVAC service industry since 1922
  • Experienced technicians who have worked with them for an average of 8 years at the minimum
  • Honest pricing without surprise costs and bogus discounts
  • Friendly staff
  • Warranted work – they stand by the quality of their service and available to address issues immediately
  • Employees work at a reasonable pace so that they always cater to clients efficiently
  • Do it right the first time is the best practice
  • Winner of Angie’s Super Service Awards
  • Washingtonian Editor’s choice as Most Trustworthy Contractor
  • A plus rating at BBB

Do not make it one of your mind-boggling puzzles, make use of all your resources; when you search for an HVAC company in Burke VA, use the internet. Above could also be the same top three on your list, who would ever know? Just makes sure you find the best that I most beneficial to your needs. An when you found your best, make sure to establish a good relationship with them, who knows when you might need them net, It is always good to hire familiar faces and regular customers most often are given priority.