I’m sure most people would like to save a lot of time and effort when dealing with simple things in their home. Luckily, there are lots of automation products around these days that can make our lives easier. Most of them are pretty new to the market, and so you might now have considered them in the past. I’ve made the decision to implement all the ideas I’m writing about today. My husband and children love using the new technology to make our lives more enjoyable. Maybe you should follow suit? There’s extra information on the attached graphic for anyone who wants to learn more.

Automating calm music and dimmed lights at bedtime

My children have always struggled to relax at the end of the day. Getting them off to sleep on time has been a real hassle. However, that has now changed thanks to my automation ideas. I’ve used new technology to ensure lights and dimmed in their rooms. I also ensure calming music is played at a low level after 8 pm. That has worked wonders.

Automating the control of bedroom and living room blinds

Regulating the amount of light that enters our home has always been a problem. Nobody wants to get up from the sofa to close them when night falls. Thankfully. I saw an excellent product online that allows me to handle everything from a single remote.

Automating our security system

We used to lock the doors ourselves and use standard CCTV in the driveway. We now use modern tech to ensure everything gets locked automatically. We also use motion sensor CCTV to save on electricity. It simply switches on automatically whenever it detects movement.

There is a long way to go before our home is 100% automated. However, we’ve made some great first steps. Now it’s your turn!

Time-Saving Home Automation Ideas You Probably Haven't Considered