Do you remember the time when there were no laundry drying machines and when the only way to dry your clothes was to put it outside and let it get some natural sun? Over time, people have slightly forgotten this method and replaced it with more modern ones. I’m not going to lie, that has its own advantages, but there are also advantages to the old and traditional ways.

Here are some of those:

For starters, the old-school methods will make your life a whole lot easier, since the whole process is much simpler. Plus, line drying is much better for your clothes, especially certain sensitive fabrics. Don’t even get me started on the energy savings that come with this drying method. Simply put, line drying outdoors saves your clothes, your nerves and your money.

People wouldn’t be people if they didn’t try to make things a bit more complicated than that, though. I’m talking about the fact that they have invented so many types of washing lines that we’re all finding it a bit difficult to decide which one is best for us. Sure, this diversity is actually a good thing, because not everyone has the same needs and requirements. Nevertheless, it also makes our choice a bit more difficult by posing the question of which type we should choose.

The Types of Garden Washing Line to Dry Laundry Outdoors

In order to understand which type we should choose, we need to actually take a closer look into those types. As you will quickly see, you’ll be presented with a lot of choices of washing lines the moment you start searching for them. Let us now take a look into some of those types, so that you can understand which one you should choose for yourself.


As you can see here, clotheslines are rather practical, which is why they have also become rather popular once again. If you remember the days when people had long, horizontal lines set up from one side of the garden to another, then you know how practical and yet not so nice looking such a setup was. At that time, everyone wished that there was a more elegant solution.

Well, today, there is a more elegant solution. I’m talking about the retractable clotheslines that allow you to easily remove the line when it’s empty and set it up once again when you need it. Come to think of it, the biggest problem we had with the old-school method lies in the fact that we had to watch the empty line without having a way to remove it at those moments when it is useless.

These retractable devices allow you to do just that. You can set it up in your garden, extend the line when you need it and retract it when it’s not in use. Their built-in winding mechanism allows you to do all of that with one push of a button. It doesn’t get easier than that, does it? Oh, and, there are also models with two, three or even four lines, which makes the product even more practical.


Another type that’s worth mentioning is known as the wall-mounted washing line. People love this option because it turned out to be a huge space saver. Thanks to the whole principle and mechanism behind this product, it doesn’t take too much of your space, which also adds to the nice appearance that you want to create while having something rather practical on your side.

These are mounted on the wall of your choice and opened and closed depending on whether you need them at a particular moment or not. They are easily operated with a handle. Although the design is very compact and space-saving, these products actually offer quite a lot of drying space. This means that they’ll serve their purpose perfectly, while also keeping your space in mind.


Now, if you have spent even a few minutes searching for devices like these on the market, you have probably come across among the Rotary Washing Line, since it seems to be one of the most, if not the most, popular options nowadays. People praise it for allowing them to dry their clothes quickly and effectively outdoors. They are especially useful during those summer months when the sun is so strong that you’ll get everything dry in a matter of moments.

They are perfect both for bigger and for smaller gardens, simply because you can set them up when you need your clothes dried and then remove them when you don’t need to use the device. That’s a big point for this type of dryer. It’s practical, compact and most of all, rather effective. It’s no wonder that it’s so popular.

Storing this device is also pretty easy, which is another important feature. You can put it on your porch or anywhere you want without even noticing that it’s there. Seriously, it takes so little space that you’ll be surprised. Plus, in order to protect it while not using it, you can easily find a protective cover to weatherproof the product.

The most important feature of this particular device is probably the fact that it can fit a full load of washing and, when it is set up correctly, you won’t have to worry about your clothes flying away if it’s windy. We all know that wind is perfect for drying our laundry, but we all get worried from time to time that the wind will simply be too much and that you’ll end up folding fewer clothes than you actually put out for drying. That shouldn’t be a concern with this type of device.

You could argue that these are a bit more expensive than the other types and you would be correct. The slight difference in prices, though, shouldn’t be enough to dissuade you from buying it. In any case, now that you’re familiar with various types, you should be able to decide for yourself which one you believe is the best for your particular needs. Just remember to always put quality ahead of price.