With Spring feeling like it is well and truly here, after a stormy, wet and cold start to the new season, those pesky dirty windows and dust in the hard-to-reach corners are more visible than ever! 

Spring cleaning is not always the first thing you want to do with your precious time off so why not call on Wecasa, the at-home mobile cleaning, wellness, beauty and home services app? The company works with super clean freaks who will make your home sparkling clean and looking ready for Spring and Summer – so get booking, kick back, relax and let the pros come to you!   

Spring clean with Wecasa whilst you relax and concentrate on you

The company is on a mission to bring awareness of how self-care and me-time can bring calm, and happiness and help with mental health. You can book everything from cleaning and ironing services to haircuts, massages, nail treatments and more, so you really are spoiled for choice.   

Spring clean for your mental health 

We believe that a healing home is a clean and tidy home. The home is a healing zone and one where comfort and happiness should take precedence. Having a clean home makes the mind relax, unwind and focus on putting yourself first. Getting a cleaner or making one day a week your “cleaning day” can take away anxiety, and procrastination and ultimately ease your mind. It is about finding ways to let the daily chores benefit you and not be something you dread as this can truly make your mind and mood spin. 

The company works with self-employed service professionals to provide professional, convenient offerings to their local customer base. The company currently has 1,500 skilled professionals on their books and is planning to increase this by 3,000 in the coming year to help them expand further into the UK. 

Lawrence Akpiruo, a professional cleaner at Wecasa said: When Spring cleaning you get into all the corners and move things around to make sure that every inch of your home is cleaned nicely. This is a great time to declutter also, getting rid of what you do not need, will help keep your mind clear and make it easier to continue to keep your space clean and tidy. A rule I use is to not bring anything else into the home unless one thing is being taken out of the home. There are many places to sell or donate your items so have a look at what you use regularly and get rid of what you don’t. Scheduling in a day a quarter to get on top of your clutter and deep clean will help procrastination and the mental load because it’s a dedicated day that is planned ahead of time. 

Benefits of a spring clean
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The Wecasa Club is free to “regular clean” customers  

Wecasa always strives to give customers easy access to what they need, seven days a week, whenever it suits you. The Wecasa Club launched late last year offering discounted services and benefits from a monthly subscription* 

Now offers on the Wecasa Club continue to expand with customers who book in for regular cleans with Wecasa professionals getting the benefits for free without paying the £7.90 monthly subscription – the benefits include:  

  • 25% off on all wellness services all year around, all funds go to the professional with Wecasa taking no margins on these services  
  • Money back from your first wellness order 
  • Two online fitness sessions per month, to watch live or in replay  
  • One wellness, cleaning or beauty masterclass on a different theme each month, led by experts  
  • Priority access to Wecasa’s customer service  
  • A monthly newsletter full of information, encouragement and surprises to take time out for yourself  
  • Throughout the year, Wecasa will offer you exclusive content, offers with other brands and invitations to events 

 Wecasa is your go-to online booking platform for mobile at-home cleaning, wellness, beauty and home services, seven days a week. Visit www.wecasa.co.uk for further information and to book now.   

Professional tips for cleaning your home during spring
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