Leaving You Feeling Balanced And Relaxed For A Deeper Sleep Whilst Protecting Your Mattress.

Sealy Select Balance Mattress Protector

A Sealy Select Balance Mattress Protector, which keeps your mattress fresh and hygienic. It also combines a quilted, microfibre cover with a filling of spring-like Serica fibres to leave you feeling balanced, relaxed and comfortable.

If you’re lucky enough to have found the right mattress, it’s well worth looking after it. One of the best ways to do so is by adding a mattress protector. These protect your mattress from being imbued with the normal perspiration of the human body, and the natural oils that are designed to keep your skin soft and pliable. While these are both absolutely normal, they will in time be absorbed by your mattress, leading it to be a little less hygienic and fresh-smelling than you would like.

That’s why mattress protectors are now such a popular idea. They help to protect the substantial investment you have made in your mattress by keeping it as clean and fresh as possible.

Having said that, some mattress protectors are designed to add more than simply protection. The Sealy Select Balance Mattress Protector also adds an extra layer of comfort to leave you feeling balanced and relaxed. It does so through a combination of a luxuriously quilted and supersoft microfibre cover and a Serica filling, which provides the luxurious feel of silky, spring-like fibres.

This Sealy Select Balance Mattress Protector is designed for Double beds, and it is also available for Single, King and Super King size beds.

Brand Sealy
Material Microfibre
Collection Select Balance
Size Single, Double, King, Super King

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