Temperatures are set to plunge in May, with weather experts predicting the coldest start to the month in a quarter of a century. Areas across the country are expected to experience sub-zero temperatures, snow flurries and frost – making the UK colder than Sweden, according to forecasts.

This comes as unwelcome news to millions of Brits, many of whom are already trying to offset surging energy prices by keeping their heating switched off. With the average annual energy bill now a whopping £1,971, it’s more important than ever to cut costs wherever possible.

The good news is that it’s possible to keep that all-important heat inside your house – and ultimately slash your energy bill – with the help of a few simple low-cost household items.


Radiator Reflector

Placing a thin strip of reflector foil behind your radiator is a simple and accessible method to help reduce heat loss in the house.

Acting as a barrier, the foil ensures heat is reflected into the room, which can save up to 70% of the heat that’s normally lost into the wall.

Draught excluder

Ever tried to get cosy at night, but find it impossible to stay warm?

Draughty homes are not just an inconvenience, but the heat lost through draughts can account for 10% of winter energy bills, and 20% annually.

Placing draught excluders at the bottom of your doors is a simple way to keep yourself warm and stop your money literally slipping through the cracks!!

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Sealing Strips

If you have draughty floorboards or windows, then using sealing strips is the perfect way to keep out the cold.

Easy to apply, with self-adhesive peelable backing, you can cut the tape to any desired length – meaning no draught is too large or small!

  • 4.5 Metre Foam Insulation Weather Strip Seal, £10.55 – buy from OnBuy 

Drying rack

Did you know that according to the Energy Saving Trust, each tumble dryer cycle uses about 4.5 kWh!

While convenient, using a tumble dryer regularly uses a lot of energy, which equates to money out of your pocket.

Instead, use a drying rack to air dry your clothes and save a bit of cash!

  • Foldable Extra-Large 3 Tier Clothes Airer, £29.99 – buy from OnBuy
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Energy Efficient lightbulbs

Replacing your current light bulbs with LED lights is a quick way to save money – and cut your carbon emissions at the same time.

Lighting makes up 11% of the average UK household electricity consumption, and if you switch to LED lights you could also reduce your carbon dioxide emissions by 40kg a year.

A simple change, but it’s the little things that add up!

  • Osram B22d 30 Watt Halogen Globe Halogen Eco Bulb, £7.00 – buy from OnBuy

Washing Up Bowl

Another easy and cheap way to save money is by investing in a simple washing up bowl.

With the average household using 349 litres of water each day, there is lots of opportunity for waste – which ultimately comes out of your pocket!

Using a bowl ensures you don’t waste any unnecessary water while cleaning your dishes.

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Thermal Insulation

According to Which? having a properly insulated loft can help save up to £315 per year on your energy bills.

If your loft is accessible, installation is an easy task and does not require a professional – making this an achievable way to save money!

  • AirComfort Itch Free Loft Thermal Insulation Roll, £36.09 – buy from OnBuy