When you have a house with a private garden, you start thinking about getting a few plants or flowers. Of course, landscaping the yard is a wonderful solution, but often you need a flower pot rather than planting a plant in the ground. And then comes the difficulty of choosing a material, size, design, or even a suitable location. Currently, there is no problem with buying outdoor flower planters in the UK because the modern market offers a huge range of such products. The choice of styles, sizes and designs is very diverse, so any grower will find something suitable for their exterior.

Outdoor planters
Outdoor planters

Material selection

If you have decided what colour or design to buy for your garden or yard, it is best to start with the choice of material. Outdoor planters in the UK must be durable and resistant to temperature changes, strong winds or hot sun. Let’s look at the most popular materials that will perfectly decorate your garden and last for many years.

  1. Fiberglass (fiberstone). Different manufacturers in the UK offer different types of such pots, it depends on the ratio of ingredients in the composition of the material. Such outdoor pots are fibreglass with the addition of stone chips, resins and other components. The vagaries of the weather are not dangerous for such material. It is better to buy designs with imitation stone or textured clay.
  2. Clay. This is the choice of many gardeners because red clay looks classic against the backdrop of greenery in the garden. The material is quite durable and weather-resistant; its price is also quite pleasant. There are many inexpensive models even of huge sizes that will last you 10-15 years.
  3. Glazed ceramics. This is a very interesting design decision that is used in many landscapes. But there is a significant disadvantage: if frosts come after the rain, then the glaze may crack because it does not increase in size like ceramics.
  4. Plastic. This is the easiest and cheapest option in the UK, but it is important to remember that such a solution will be “for 1 season”. Plastic may crack from a well-aimed hit by a snowball, a ball, or simply under the pressure of an expanded earthen clod. But the choice of colours and patterns of the unreal is huge.
  5. Metal. Such material is durable but it does not require delicate handling. But flower growers noted that after the first winter, corrosion appears on the enamel. If you decide to buy such pots, then it is better to put them on a stand and under a canopy.

It is also worth mentioning the most innovative solution that many modern flower growers in the UK choose. It’s 3D plastic. Such flower planters can stand outside all year round without any signs of deformation. Its price is quite expensive, but it is a particularly durable material that is resistant to mechanical damage, frost, heat, and temperature fluctuations and does not fade in the sun.

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Choice of location for pots

Choosing where to place your flower pots depends on their size and the size of your garden. But you can always find small places even for small rectangular types, for example, with seedlings or greenery. You can also choose hanging models to hang on the porch or on the trees in the garden. If you are lucky and you have a gazebo, patio area or pool, then decorate this territory with large flower planters with lush flowers or ornamental trees.

If you have garden paths, then you can make small borders by choosing rectangular tall pots. A garden swing can be transformed into a heavenly resting place, put a few tall flowerpots on the sides or hang a few hanging flowerpots. Even a small porch or terrace needs a couple of flowerpots because it creates a more comfortable and warm atmosphere.

If your yard area is large, then it is better to hire a professional landscape designer who can correctly and accurately place flower arrangements. In the UK, many people are very sensitive to the organization of street territory, so you will find a specialist even online.

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Use your own creativity to create flower arrangements inside the garden or by choosing one green corner. You can mix the sizes and colours of your flower pots; add a bench and a table. Create a green space to enjoy your creation with your family. Regardless of the size of your yard, there are many design options to suit you. It will also not be difficult to buy various outdoor planters, because there are a lot of virtual sites that offer high-quality models with a modern design and an affordable price.

Don’t be afraid to take responsibility for plants or flowers, there are many outdoor self-watering pots. But if you choose the usual types, then this is also a great solution. Healthy and beautiful flowers will cheer you up, so your work will not be in vain. Any area can be completed with a few planters; you will enjoy taking care of your flowers and watching them grow.