All home appliances have an estimated life span. As time goes on, they wear out, and they eventually stop working. Air conditioning failures are not an uncommon thing, especially in households where these devices are working 24/7. However, the problem is that breakdowns usually occur when you least expect.

According to one of the busiest AC Repair in Austin, any failures on this system should be resolved as soon as they occur. Delaying the repair will not make the situation much worse if you don’t use the air conditioner in the meantime. However, when a malfunction occurs during warm days, do not waste time but call for service.

Air Conditioning Repair

Regular Cleaning

Air conditioners are sensitive to external influences (rain, snowfall, temperature changes), which significantly affect their performance and service life. Regular maintenance will help keep your cooling system functional for a long time, but it will also contribute to your health and the cleanliness of your home.

If you don’t clean the AC, at least once a year, there is a good chance that dust and grease will accumulate inside the device. And when you add moist, it becomes an ideal substrate for the development of various bacteria and fungi.

Also, mites and mold will appear, which significantly increases the risk of allergies and chronic diseases. And that is a particularly dangerous situation for the youngest and people with weakened immunity, as they are prone to various diseases.

As air conditioners have become a standard part of the living space inventory, regular washing of the filters and the complete indoor unit ensures clean, fresh air inside the living space. That provides a comfortable stay inside the house and good health for all those who spend time there.

Solving Minor AC Unit Breakdowns

The first major ‘failure’ on the AC unit may be the replacement of the air filter. Despite regular maintenance, cleaning, and degreasing, the filter is a replaceable part over which dirt builds up over time. Every 2 or 3 years, this appliance should be replaced, or when you smell some unpleasant odor when the air conditioner is running.

On the page below, read how to clean the air filters:

After a while, the drain line that removes the condensate from the AC unit can clog. Or the drain pan can leak because of rust. You will know that it is time to clean or replace these parts when you notice that water is appearing under your device, even when it’s not on.

The amount of refrigerant in your cooling system should be checked regularly. You will notice the sluggish work of the AC unit. Then you should give a call to an HVAC service provider. Trained persons are required to operate refrigerants like freon, so regular maintenance involves the assistance of a qualified person.

When to Replace AC Unit

For an average air conditioner, the expected lifespan is about seven years. It involves normal use, with regular maintenance. After that period, the AC unit could work, but the probability of breakdowns increases. But every rule has exception; your air conditioner can last another ten years, but keep in mind – nothing is forever.

After a decade of using the AC unit, you should replace it. Eventually, its maintenance cost will increase. Little by little, you will need to repair most parts of your air conditioner. Then you will realize it is more cost-effective to buy a new one. On this page, find some tips to help you choose an AC unit for your home.

The reduced efficiency of the unit and the noise it produces during operation are sure signs that you will need to replace the AC unit soon. When the air conditioner is not operating at full capacity, it consumes the same energy as when it is fully operational. The older the device and the less maintained it is, the less energy efficient it is.

You should do some research on how much energy a new AC unit would consume and make a quick calculation and smart decision. New devices coming to the market have modern, advanced technologies, regardless of higher energy efficiency and significantly lower maintenance costs. These AC units provide much more functionality and give your family more exceptional comfort.