When most of us think about the uses of a garage, we are fairly uninspired. The garage often seems like a practical afterthought to the house: a space where things are stored and tucked away only to be forgotten about. When compared to any other room in the house, your garage is the most likely to appear a bit run down and unloved.

But it really shouldn’t be that way. Space is at a premium in any home, and having a huge part that is under-utilised is a great shame. If you aren’t using it for cars, then a garage will be one of the few rooms in your home with a genuinely fluid purpose. Most of the rooms in your house will have a set design and a set use. After all, you aren’t going to let a common space like the living room be taken over by one family member’s messy hobby.

So if you have a garage you should be looking to use it to its full potential. It’s pretty rare for people to actually use the space entirely for cars, but even if you are there are plenty of ways to maximise the space. Even if you can’t completely commandeer the room, you should be looking to convert it into efficient and accessible storage. By freeing up space in your garage for the junk that is normally cluttering up your home, you are actually freeing up space in your home.

If that’s a little too practical for you, then there are some more inspiring ideas out there for ways to use your garage. You should think about what hobbies you have that are causing tension in the house. Maybe you are an automobile enthusiast, and you are constantly being berated for traipsing grease through the kitchen. Maybe you are just after a quiet space away from it all to read and catch up on some work.

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Whatever the case, the garage is the perfect solution. You can turn it into a mechanic’s garage with little to no effort, or even transform it into a home office. Think about all of the stories that you hear about businesses like Amazon and Microsoft starting out in a garage. They all did so because it is cheap and convenient space with the smallest commuting distance available.

You can achieve all of this whilst also retaining the regular facade of a garage, with the help of services such as auto-roll.com. This will mean that no matter how altered the internal structure or design  is, it will still appear entirely smart and conventional from the outside. This preserves the overall aesthetic of your house whilst also keeping the space entirely private from the outside world.

It can be tempting to use the garage of your home as one big disorganised storage space. With so many demands on us at all times, having a place to chuck stuff and forget about it can be a great convenience. But if you are willing to put some time into researching the whole affair, then you will find that a garage can be a complete godsend rather than a glorified storage cupboard.