For some, the living room is the heart of the family home, for others, it’s the kitchen, but for some, it’s the dining room as it is where meals, great conversation, and gatherings are held. For others, it might be a completely underused room that tends to accumulate family clutter or unused crockery. If you’re looking to refresh your dining room, here are a few things to consider trying.

How To Completely Refresh Your Dining Room

Varnish old wood

You don’t necessarily have to chuck out your old sideboard and dining table to completely refresh your dining room. After all, if you have a large wooden table or a set of chairs, this may very well already have been an investment, and it would be a shame to waste it. Sanding down and re-varnishing old furniture will do a surprising amount for the appearance of the room. Just remember to wear protective clothing and work outside if you can. Stripping back wood can use incredibly strong chemicals that can be overpowering and damaging to the skin.

Update crockery and silverware

If you’re looking for a stylised dining room, then changing the crockery and silverware on your table can do a huge amount for the overall appearance of the room. Choosing a matching set of bowls and plates and stacking them in front of each seat can look incredibly stylish if you’re looking to have guests over. When it comes to cutlery, choosing sterling silver cutlery sets that are dishwasher safe is a good way of adding sophistication to your table, as well as making a long-term investment. Selecting a few stylish serving platters can also be used to present food on occasions and sit underneath centrepieces when you’re not.

Invest in a statement piece

There are a few things to consider when investing in a statement piece. An object or feature that creates a ‘statement’ has an incredibly broad definition:

  • A centrepiece: picking out a large bowl or vase to place in the centre of your dining table will pull the entire room together. Try and coordinate it to the colour scale of the rest of your room, if possible.
  • A feature wall: this could involve a large painting that acts as a focal point for the whole room, or maybe even some eye-catching wallpaper. In fact, it’s even been suggested that you create a feature wall that makes use of the ceiling for colour – even opting for a dark colour to add depth.
  • A large light-fixture: a large hanging shade or ornate fixture can be an incredibly sophisticated and delicate way to add light to a room and add decoration. In particular, a hanging light fixture over the table will almost feel like an ornament in its own right.
Botanical floral dining room
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When you come to refresh your dining room’s design, be sure to enjoy it. The best way to create a design you love is to enjoy the process of hunting down the perfect ornaments and decorations and selecting a colour theme that makes you happy.