Imagine entering your home after grocery shopping and finding your home in a chilled or heated condition. Or you left in a hurry, and your air conditioner automatically turned off. 

No kidding. You can enjoy such a level of comfort through the smart thermostat. It can control the temperature of your home as per home climate, giving you remote access to manage everything from mobile. With this smart gadget, you can easily set a weekly or daily schedule to maintain your home temperature while going on holiday. You can also check your humidity level and can track energy usage. The smart thermostat is the perfect device to set your home environment. 

If you want to upgrade your heating system, you should know the working of a smart thermostat. In this blog, you will know the basic working of smart thermostats and some frequently asked questions to know everything about this innovative device. 

How do Smart Thermostats Know When I Leave my House

Working of wifi plug-in thermostat

A wifi smart plug thermostat connects your HVAC systems to the internet, allowing you to control your room temperature through mobile. They can also sense your home temperature and send the signal to your cooling and heating system to make changes based on your pre-set schedule. For example, if the temperature rises above the set limit, it will send a signal to the receiver to reduce the temperature. In case of too cold, it will again adjust as per your desired settings. 

You can also set your thermostat setting with your phone. Set your preferred humidity level, define your schedule, can check your history, and a lot more through the mobile app. When you give input in your mobile app, that input is transferred to the thermostat through wifi, which then sends a signal to your HVAC system.

These smart thermostats are good learners. They learn about the temperature you prefer at different times, and based on your home availability, they set the room’s heating and cooling to meet your requirements. 

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Can the thermostat work without wifi connection? 

Smart thermostats don’t require the internet to maintain and monitor the home temperature. However, without the internet, you can’t access all the features. For instance, you can’t control the room temperature remotely with your mobile. You can only adjust the settings through on-device controls.

Can a smart wifi thermostat work with the home wiring system?

Like any other device, your thermostat will require a continuous power supply. To check whether your current wiring system can handle your new thermostat, switch off your current thermostat. Next, check its backside and look for a wire labeled C-wire. If your thermostat contains that C-wire, it will be compatible with your present wiring system.

If you can’t find C-wire, you can call any technician to install it. Some thermostats can also come with a C-wire adapter.

How does the sensor of the smart thermostat work?

The smart thermostat has the feature of sensing the room temperature in which it is installed. But different rooms may have different requirements for cooling/heating, and this may impact your comfort level. So here comes the role of sensors. These sensors are installed in the complete home and hence detect the temperature of different rooms separately. That is how it detects the temperature of rooms and informs the same to the central thermostat. The main thermostat will come up with the average reading to maintain a comfortable environment. 

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Main features of a smart thermostat

These thermostats can control your room temperature in a better manner based on the weather forecast and your routine lifestyle.


With these smart thermostats, you can set your routine temperature. For instance, during the day, you can set the temperature to low in summer and increase it a bit at night when it becomes colder outside.


This geofencing mode can turn your AC on or off as per your location in the home. For example, this feature will turn OFF the AC when you move a certain distance away from AC and switch it ON when moving close to AC. This way, you will never feel hot while returning home and your AC will never run when you don’t need it.

Track energy usage

A smart thermostat will record your daily energy usage pattern and maintain it in a report which you can check in the app. Such a report will help you to save money. Some models can also tell you why your energy consumption is increasing or decreasing during a particular period.

In conclusion

With a smart thermostat, you can maintain your home temperature and control your AC settings with a mobile app. They can optimize your home environment as per your location, preference, and schedule. These thermostats will not only provide you comfort but can also save money for you in the long run. Hence buying a smart thermostat is an intelligent choice. Also along with AC you can connect your infrared heating system with smart thermostat.

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