A garden can help you to relax and unwind, especially if you love to spend time outdoors. Bringing a bit of nature into your garden could allow you to turn it into a bit of a paradise. One of the ways to achieve this could be through planting hedges. There may be a number of benefits that you could reap simply through the presence of these grand plants. Considering those could help you to figure out why hedges are important, as well as which type may be best suited to meet your needs.

How can hedging turn my garden into a natural paradise

Coastal gardens

Gardens situated near the sea may sometimes struggle due to the salt in the air. Rather than having no plants in your garden, you may want to think about planting Griselinia from the Hedging UK website, which may be happier to deal with salt in the air or water. This could also help to protect your other plants from exposure to that air. That being said, they may not want to have too much water, so you might want to think about ways to irrigate, especially if you often experience flooding. The use of hedging can also be great for those who live in areas often visited by tourists, to allow you a bit of additional privacy even when there are a lot of people nearby.

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City gardens

Living in the city may mean that you need to deal with a lot more noise and air pollution than in other parts of the country. Hedging may be able to help reduce the effects of both within your home and garden. While the plants might not be able to fully silence the noise and clear the air, they could make it significantly better. This can then allow you to spend some time outside feeling at peace, rather than dealing with irritation at all the unwanted noise and odours. Hedging can also be great for those with smaller gardens, making it feel more like a natural space than a tiny piece of land surrounded by gates or fencing.

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Town and village gardens

Those who live in smaller areas found inland may already be able to experience nature, potentially on a larger scale than those who live near a lot of other people. Even so, you may want to still encourage more wildlife to venture into your living space. Many different animals could benefit from the installation of hedging. This can even include birds nesting within the branches, which can be fascinating to watch. Without that hedging, the birds may have to find somewhere else to lay their eggs or hide from those that view them as prey.

Regardless of where you live, it can be a good idea to put in a bit of time and effort when looking after your hedging. This can keep it looking elegant within your garden, and even promote healthy growth. There are a different number of varieties you could choose from, depending on the members of your household, reasons for planting, and even soil and weather conditions.

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