Once it has been finally decided upon that your home needs to be renovated, the fun has just begun. Most homeowners are not aware of when renovating one or more rooms. Before beginning any kind of work, take time to plan out exactly what needs doing, when you are going to do it and above all else, who will do the work. Here are a few decisions you will need to make.

Home Renovations

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Can Work Be Completed During Any Season?

It is the middle of winter and such copious amounts of snow have fallen that you suddenly notice drips of water during the daylight hours as it begins to melt. You know you need to re-roof your house because these drips are popping up throughout several rooms. Is this the right season to begin repairs? Most roofers will suggest that you make a few minor repairs and undergo the roof renovation in the latter part of the spring or summer when they can safely take off old shingles without being subjected to the elements.

The same holds true for renovating interior rooms as well. Perhaps your den or living room is cold and lacks character. Do you need to replace the fireplace as part of the renovation? If so, it might be wise to wait until warmer months where you will not likely need a heat source. Yes, fireplaces are lovely but they do serve a purpose. Do you really want to be without heat in the room you inhabit the most? Whilst some companies like Thornhill Galleries may be able to help replace your fireplace quickly, most probably won’t be able to.

Know Your Options in Materials

Before finalising your plans, know that there may be several options in the materials you can use. For example, in re-roofing your home you could go with slate tiles, concrete tiles, clay tiles or even a thatched roof for that quaint cottage appeal. Which type of roofing materials would best suit your needs in terms of preventing leaks whilst offering the style best suited to your home?

Interior decorating offers even more options when it comes to the right choice in materials. Some homes carry thematic decor throughout the entire house whilst others have different styles in each of several rooms. Do you want a marble fireplace that is classic in beauty, easy to clean and quite naturally germ-resistant? Perhaps your home is more like a cottage where brick inserts would be more in keeping with the decor. There are cast iron fireplaces as well as other types of materials to choose from so take the time to analyse which is right for your specific tastes and needs.

Hiring Contractors vs. DIY Projects

Quite obviously, there are some renovations you just cannot do for yourself unless you have experience in that particular field. Most homeowners shouldn’t attempt to do a re-roofing project and of course, wouldn’t attempt it. But what about other aspects of renovating rooms within the home?

If time is permitting, you could always paint and add finishing touches to any renovation project. However, when it comes to the installation of a fireplace, for example, would this be something you could do safely and efficiently? Exact measurements must be taken into account, especially for bespoke fireplaces in marble or brick. Are you well acquainted with stone masonry? Could you even attempt to lay bricks that would safely keep fire from infiltrating and causing a fire?

Cost may be an issue but safety and final results should always take precedence. If you aren’t adept in working with such things as gas, electric, building materials and safety codes, it would be to your advantage to eat up the extra cost and have a professional on the job.

Yes, you want a lovely renovated home but there are important choices to be made prior to jumping in cold. If you take the time to plan accordingly, you can have the home of your dreams at a cost that makes sense. Simply know your choices and then you can go from there.