Diffuse the stresses of the day with a Landon Tyler Diffuser!

Kiran Singh

Diffuse the stresses

Less calories than a glass of wine, or a bar of chocolate but equally effective and addictive!

Diffuse the stresses

It’s time to diffuse the stresses of the day with a Landon Tyler Diffuser

There’s something quite nice about a constant in your life – whether that’s your morning pick me cuppa up or, the embrace from your loved one as they return from a busy day. So what could be nicer than a constant fragrance that makes your home aromatically fabulous and helps dissolve away the stresses of the day.

Landon Tyler diffuser offers that solution, unfailing fragrance, from morning till night for about 12 weeks.Created from the quality ingredients, sourced from the UK and Europe, Landon Tyler Scented Diffusers emit enticing scents, to make your senses soar.

Offering Every Day Diffusing magic!
The ingredients to guarantee an aromatically fabulous home may be new and slightly strange to the novice diffuser user, but simply insert the rattan reeds into the bottle and within a couple of hours your home’s aroma will be transformed – as if by magic. The magic comes from the rattan reeds, which have a microscopic honeycomb absorbent structure which transports the diffuser oil, by capillary action up the reed to immerse themselves in your home and add fragrance to your room. Magical, whilst it can’t be seen by the human eye, it will stimulate and arouse your senses.

Diffuse the stresses


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