The cost of living crisis is making it more difficult to do a lot of things that you would usually be able to afford. If you are thinking about decorating your home but you are on a bit of a tight budget, don’t be disheartened as there are a few different ways that you can achieve the aesthetic you are seeking without it breaking the bank. This includes wood wall panelling refurbishing existing furniture, and a whole host of other ideas, tips, and tricks.

Decorating your home in a cost of living crisis - Some top tips to save money and have a big impact

Install wood wall panels

Installing wood wall panels in your home can make a massive difference to its appearance, changing the dynamic and style with ease and giving you a range of other benefits too. Wood wall panelling offers improved insulation, due to wood being a natural insulator. It offers incredible acoustics, high levels of durability, is eco-friendly at a time when we all want to be more environmentally conscious and choose sustainable options wherever possible, and on top of all that, it looks great. Wood wall panels are incredibly easy and fast to install too, so it can be a simple way to quickly change the whole concept of your home on a budget.

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Use some paint tricks to enhance the décor

Most people only think about what type of paint and colour they want to use at the last minute, after spending ages looking through fabrics and the like. A quick and really effective way to have a big impact is to add a touch of bold colour to a room with the right paint. A bold wall colour or choosing a bold colour as a trim that can be accentuated by matching the colour with accessories throughout the room can have a big impact on how a room looks and feels, refreshing the space without spending loads of money to do so.

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Refurbish and recycle

Little trinkets and pieces of furniture that you find in antique markets, jumble sales, car boot sales, or marketplaces online, everything has a place if you take some care and pay some attention to it. An old, tired piece of furniture that at first glance looks like it has had its last day, can be lovingly restored through reupholstering or repainting. This can give a lease of life to both the piece of furniture and the room you are adding it to, including furniture that you already have that might need sprucing up, cleaning, and repainting or reframing.

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Use wallpaper cleverly

Wallpaper went out of fashion for quite a few years, but it has come back with a vengeance, especially for those people looking for creative decorating tips on a budget. Wallpaper is an easy way to add textures to your decoration, pops of colour in spaces that were otherwise drab and boring and can add a feeling of luxury that might have not felt possible prior to starting the decorating project in your home. Feature walls in your living room provide one choice, whilst this also makes it cheaper than committing to wallpapering all the walls in a room.


Accentuate the space with good lighting

Your choice of lighting has a big impact on how the room feels and how comfortable it is to sit in and relax. You can paint and wallpaper, and revitalise furniture to your heart’s content, but if you don’t have any nice lamps and soft lighting, the room can still seem stark and bright, a scary proposition for any room in your home (who wants to live with the big light on all the time? Not us, that’s for sure!). A good choice of lampshade in texture, softness, and colour can change the shape and type of space it is used to light, creating comfortable and cosy areas in your home with ease.

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Utilise the magic of mirrors

Mirrors can magically transform even the smallest, darkest of rooms, especially if you combine a good use of mirrors with light. You should never underestimate how much a mirror can change a space, making rooms seem much larger than they are, bringing in extra light and instantly changing the perception of a space. If you had a dark room that never received much light, and you add in a well-framed mirror, you are not only adding a pretty decoration to the room but also making it seem larger with the right placement bringing in light from other rooms and outside and enlarging the visual space through reflection.

From the benefits of wood wall panels through to the many other tips and tricks listed above, don’t be put off redecorating or decorating your home just because of the cost of living crisis. There are cheap and cheerful, creative ways in which you can transform a room in your home, or the entire property, without it costing you the earth.

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