Fancy making your home and garden a bit more eco-friendly this year?  With the Spring/Summer season just around the corner, what better time to start helping to save the environment and making your home more gorgeous at the same time. Small actions at home and in the garden can make all the difference!

Every garden should have one, and yours is waiting.  And I’m not talking about your garden gnome! I’m talking about that secret and tranquil spot you have always wanted. The one place in the garden that you can hole up in, with a glass of wine or a book. It might be a spot for contemplation or even mediation. It can be whatever you want it to be!  The wonderful thing about creating a nook or haven is that does not mean renovating the entire garden

Choose your spot

It pays to have lived with your garden for a while. You have got to know its seasons. This means you know where the permanently shady areas are and exactly how much sun gets in and where. You may have trees or bushes that could be trimmed in order to let in light or sunlight. You might choose an area with some existing shelter. For example a spot incorporating a fence and even one side of a shed.

Make this your first task, Draw a plan out for your garden and walk out the area you have selected. Get a feel for it and how you might develop it. For example shelter could be easily erected. As we have mentioned, shady areas could be thinned out but think too about the summer’s heat. Shade might be very welcome.You might have a feature tree with overhanging branches. Would it be possible to incorporate it?

Get some inspiration.

There are a heap sources that can inspire you, but it might help to make a wish list. More than likely you will want something  comfortable to sit on. Garden Benches come in all styles and colours. You might like to be able to sling up a hammock.  Why not add a small outdoor table? You could even consider a gazebo that will offer seating and protection

Where is the focus?

Garden Nook

One of most rewarding parts of any secret sanctuary or nook is a point of focus. This could well be a water feature or water fountain but other options include a piece of sculpture or something as lovely as intricate paving slabs like the above paved sun feature by This is a space for you to relax and unwind and enjoy the sounds and smells of nature.

Planting around

Plants should be suitable for the terrain and the amount of light. Consider complementary planting to attract wildlife. If you go so far as to install a water feature, it would be amazing to think that you could attract dragonflies and butterflies. Don’t neglect the bees and the birds.

Get Creative

There are all sort so knick knacks lying around that can provide character and charm. Your own garden may well possess an old roller or barrel. A water butt can be hooked up to a shed roof to provide an instant water feature. You might choose to add some driftwood touches, or buy some feature rocks.

Look upon your project as a growing adventure. With a little thoughtful planning it could be a place of sanctuary for you for all seasons, subtly lit at night, with a guided path leading you towards it.