Create Your Own Home Spa

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After a long day at work there’s no better feeling than winding down in nice hot bath to let the worries and stresses of daily life wash away.

A little ‘me time’ is a rare thing in our modern world, and as well as the bathroom often being a room for the entire family, it can also become neglected by everyday use.

But with just a few touches you can transform your bathroom from the cleaning destination it is, to the perfect place to lock the door and spend hours pampering yourself.

We all know how refreshed and relaxed we feel after a day at the spa, so why not bring that feeling home?

Clean up the Clutter

If you’ve got children you’ll know that bathroom clutter soon starts to pile up. So before you begin any DIY, add some storage that can hide-away the garish primary coloured bath toys, and give the rubber a duck a home where he won’t disturb your soak.

Having a tidy up will clear your bathroom and your mind, as you won’t have any toys distracting your moments of meditation.

If your bathroom isn’t the largest of spaces invest in some clever storage options that will fit with the style of the room, there are many shelving options now available that are affordable and still stylish, as well as being practical.

Cleanse with Colour

To achieve the same clean and comforting look of a spa, natural tones such as mossy greens are a great choice to lend a soothing sense to the room.

Many often opt for paler colours such as beiges and magnolia’s, but this can be a difficult colour to keep on top of, especially when the bathroom is used so frequently.

Don’t let any scuffs or water marks cause your extra bath time stress, by opting for greens, light mocha’s and dreamy blues. Adding a softer hue will also make the room feel far more spacious.

Spa ambience

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Set the Mood

No spa like bath would be complete without some scented candles.

Turn off the lights and let the little flames do all the work.

There are now a huge range of scented candles that are infused with essential oils such as Neom that can encourage you to feel relaxed but also help you sleep at night.

Not only will candles make you instantly feel much calmer but it will also stop your eyes from straining in harsh bathroom lights.

With so many of us sat in offices on a daily basis and staring at a computer, it can cause headaches and eye problems, so giving them the chance to rest will also make you feel rested.

Playing relaxation music is also a great way to help your mind unwind and to dream about faraway destinations.

Bring the Outside In

The element of nature is very important for any spa like decoration as it helps us to keep grounded, and ignites the senses for touch.

You certainly don’t have to make your bathroom into a green house, but by simply adding lotus flowers, orchids or even a few green ferns will soon make the room feel as though it’s filled with fresh air and a feeling of freedom.

If you need some inspiration for how you can decorate your home in a more spa like style, have a look on Pinterest as it’s a great source for getting ideas no matter the size of your bathroom.