Vintage decorating has never gone out of style. It’s just so delightful and brings about a sense of calm and luxury that keeps it in demand. There is a certain color palette associated with vintage decor, and this usually leans more towards pastels, but not entirely so.


Then, of course there is all the vintage furniture styles and antiques both original and reproduced that complete the vintage look. When shopping around for vintage items to decorate your living room with, think vintage paintings, porcelain figurines, candle holders, pottery and porcelain ceramics, and antique chairs. Browse through this online catalogue for inspiration.

Bold Color Theme

Vintage Living Rooms Decorating Ideas

This is a very dramatic approach, but one that is bold, and it’s for the fearless who are not afraid to make a statement. What you do is choose a main color theme. It could be any color really. You probably won’t want to choose a light color if you have kids or you are not an obsessive cleaner. Anyways, once you have decided what the main color will be, then the couch and most other major pieces of furniture, flooring, carpeted or not and the walls and/or curtains should all be in this exact color. Other items, like vases and flowers, the art on the walls, window lace and maybe even the curtains can be in a complimenting color or even a floral or symmetrical print.


A chandelier could do wonders for your vintage living room theme. Make sure its design ties in to the rest of the decor in the room. Chandeliers come in all sorts of sizes and styles, and you could also have some wall lamps in the same design or color. The possibilities with chandeliers are endless, and they can do far more than you may have ever imagined bringing a room together. When your vintage them is built around a breathtaking chandelier, you will find that having a lot of pieces with silvers, golds and crystal really bring about a full blown effect. You can also think of other ways to tie everything in place such as glass mirrored tables and lots of mirrors and maybe even picture frames that follow the basic style here.

Go Natural

The natural look brings with it a certain sense of calm, and it allows you to be able to add whatever vintage antique items you want. The main idea here is to have furniture in a natural color such as cream, beige or a subdued floral print, and then go for eggshell colored walls or something similar. Tables and stands could be teak, oak or another quality wood. Doors window sills and frames could also be natural wood.

Whatever vintage style you decide to go with, don’t feel completely limited to keeping everything “vintage.” Your flat screen and cordless phone won’t disrupt your vintage theme too much. Also, remember that vintage can mean styles from the 30s, 40s, or 50s or later, but they can also go all the way back to 18th and 19th century themes and antiques. You can also mix and match vintage items so you have a personalized vintage theme that you can be proud of.