When you’re looking to buy a new sofa, armchair, couch, or footstool, no doubt there are a few things that spring to mind. Will I find a suite that I love? Will it suit my home and taste? Can I have a stain-resistant sofa that’s also covered with beautiful soft fabric? Will I even be able to find a couch that can fit through my narrow door? These are a few questions Smart Sofa came across over their decades in business, leading the owners to create the innovative and stunning Sofa in a Box design. This innovative and unique sofa delivery system is shaking up the industry while also ensuring that every home, no matter how small, can get a beautiful sofa in the door and into pride of place. 

Benefits of Smart Sofas - Sofa in a Box

The History of Smart Sofa

Smart Sofas is a proudly family-run business with a 30-year history reaching back to 1993 when they first started selling sofas and other household furnishings. The team have always been actively running the day-to-day designs specification, fabric selection, and offering sofa advice. They are also passionate about listening to customers, testing the market, and looking to make their products and services even better. 

The Sofa in a Box idea came from multiple occasions where delivery companies struggled to get a sofa through the customer’s door, sometimes with no success. The company lost a sale, and the customer couldn’t have the couch they wanted, instead having to find a small enough substitute to scrape through the doorway. This created problems for all involved, with orders being unable to be delivered and disgruntled customers. 

There had to be a better way for even those deliveries that had to go through small doors, into cosy flats, or through tight door frames. The best way to do all that was required was to create a modular sofa that could be split apart, packed in a box and delivered. But this also had to be easy to put together and ready to use quickly, preferably with no tools or fuss involved. The team tried a few methods and eventually settled on the current design. 

The company’s mission since then has been to make top-quality, comfortable sofas that are easy to deliver, comfortable and beautiful that last a lifetime. The Smart Sofa design is all this and more while also being affordable. Sounds like a win all-around. 

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Introducing The Smart Sofa – Sofa in a Box

Think elegance, comfort, and versatility, and you’re close to envisioning the Sofa in a Box offering. Available in Armchairs, Chaise Lounge, two and three-seater configurations, with a daybed on the left or right-hand sides, plus footstools and ottomans, there is something to suit every space. And while luxury sofas will always look great, they also need to be practical and ultimately comfortable, so Smart Sofas have focused on creating well-crafted, quality furniture. 

Each item on offer is upholstered with soft and luxurious vegan, pet-friendly velvet that is treated to be stain-resistant while maintaining its softness, adding sophistication to any room. Foam and polyester fillings guarantee that no animal products – including leather or feathers – are used in any sofa construction. Excellent quality foam lasts and can take a lot of beating without losing shape. 

There is also a choice of four colours on offer, including Rose Pink, Dove Grey, Sage Green, and Teal. In addition, each back and seat cushion is reversible, with the seat cushion patterned on one side and plain on the other for variation and versatility. You’ll undoubtedly find the perfect configuration and colour for your living space among the designs. 

And the most important part? Each section fits easily into its box, so it’s small enough to fit through the tightest doorway. Once it’s there, construction is efficiently completed in minutes without any tools. Perfect for every home, every time. 

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The Range is Eco-Friendly

Smart Sofas is passionate about making an eco-friendly range, so every sofa, armchair, and ottoman only uses FSC-certified wood. Why? Because they ensure environmentally friendly forestry management where timber production doesn’t destroy a forest’s biodiversity and ecological integrity. Each frame is crafted from solid hardwood timber, able to withstand the daily rigours that life throws without compromising on comfort. It may be more expensive, but no price can be put on sustainability for present and future generations. 

Smart Sofas are also committed to aiding responsible reforestation by planting five trees for every sofa they sell. The charity Ripple Africa will do this planting in their ongoing efforts to reduce carbon dioxide’s effects and increase atmospheric oxygenation. Increased carbon dioxide leads to rising temperatures, which are already having devastating global climate impacts which can be mitigated with environmental efforts such as tree planting. 

Additional Smart Sofa social and ecological initiatives include the focus on building a better future:

  • Carbon offsetting
  • Working to be carbon neutral by 2025
  • Investing in the Smart Sofas workforce
  • Being an equal opportunity employer
  • Providing fair pay and work conditions throughout the supply chain
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Smart Sofas Make Products that Last

With a focus on environmental and future-focused initiatives, Smart Sofas products are made to last. This is another part of the company’s passion and has led them to offer a 25-year warranty on their sofa and furniture frames. So customers can rest assured that they are investing in a great sofa that looks and feels good while lasting a lifetime.

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Take a Look At Smart Sofas

Smart Sofas is a proud UK company, currently only delivering to the UK, but this may change in future. For more information on the Smart Sofa range, please take a look at their website, where you can view their entire range, colours, and delivery information. You can even order a complimentary swatch box to select the perfect colour for your space while experiencing the fabric before you buy. Place your order online, then sit back and wait for the most effortless sofa delivery that will fit through your door. 

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