Everyone wants a smart home these days. Who wouldn’t want a setup where the devices and appliances in their house are IoT enabled and they can control remotely via the internet, right? Just about every home across the US, even in small towns like Chandler, is moving towards smart home systems. At times like this, you should consult a smart home company in Chandler, AZ, to provide you with the smart devices that can help you achieve this.

Here are 6 must-have smart appliances that can help transform your place into a smart home.

6 Must-Have Smart Devices That Will Transform Your Home

1.  Smart Door Lock

A smart door lock is a digital lock that comes with PINs, RFID cards, and fingerprint sensors. These kinds of locks typically have Bluetooth capabilities and can grant access via a paired phone. They’re incredibly efficient, as they use guest code/password systems that you can give to people you want to let in.

2.  Smart Switches

Sometimes, when you’re deep in work or just chilling and relaxing, you don’t want to have to go to each of your appliances and devices to switch them off individually. Smart switches get rid of this problem because they allow you to use the digital devices in your hands to control them.

They’re a cost-effective way of transforming your place into a smart home. If you’re not looking to upgrade the devices and appliances you already have, you can buy smart switches instead.

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3.  Smart Video Doorbell

The days when the ding-dong bell was what people used as an alert when someone was at their door are long gone. A smart video doorbell will tell you exactly who’s knocking on your door. It’s an internet-connected tool that notifies your smartphone when someone’s at your doorstep.

4.  Smart Bulbs

A smart bulb is a light fixture you can turn off and on easily with a voice command or app. The colour and brightness of such lights can also be customized via your phone using an application over the internet. Smart bulbs provide different colours, and you can connect them to your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for easy control.

How to Transform Your Home into a Smart Home
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5.  Smart Vacuum Cleaners

Also commonly known as robovacs, smart robot vacuum cleaners come with robotic drives, programmable controllers, cleaning routines, and a cleaning system. Some smart vacuums can even dust, mop, and sweep all in one, while others can only dust and sweep. The price of the cleaner usually helps determine what it can do.

6.  Smart Speakers

Smart speaker units are handy audio devices that allow someone to play and listen to music via voice command. With these kinds of speakers, you can control music as well as attend calls, listen to the news, etc. A smart speaker can act as an assistant that helps you control other devices in your home.

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Final Words

While you can buy all these devices at the same time, it could cost you a lot. Don’t rule out getting these devices one at a time. In fact, it’s a good idea to transform your home in steps. That way, you’re able to control how much you spend while slowly discovering the controls and benefits of your smart home.