If there is one thing that can be taken for granted in the modern age, it is property market growth. Prices in the UK are continuing to soar at an exponential rate, rising by an estimated £60,000 over the course of the next five years. This is according to the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr), which has been providing full analysis of market trends throughout the UK. This growth is unprecedented over such a prolonged period of time, although it does create potential issues in terms of sustaining demand and available housing.

3 Tips for finding your dream home

How to find your ideal home in a competitive market

So long as the level of demand remains high, however, aspiring buyers will need to think creatively if they are to identify and ultimately purchase their ideal home. Consider the following steps towards achieving this: –

  • Create a clearly defined list of priorities

As a starting point, it is important to enter the market with a clearly defined list of priorities as a buyer. These relate directly to your desired home, and will usually include factors such as cost, location and the surrounding amenities. The precise list of priorities that you establish will depend entirely on your needs or preferences, but the most important thing is that you create an actionable list that ranks these accordingly. This makes it far easier to appraise and eliminate prospective homes effectively, as you look to create a shortlist that leads to an informed decision.

  • Shop online and compare the national market

When dealing with traditional estate agencies, you may find your search restricted to the local area. While this is all well and good, the search for a dream home requires greater levels of creativity and a willingness to branch further afield. This is where online agencies can come into play, as these entities enable you to conduct a nationwide search and compare the full breadth of the market within your price range. This is a key consideration, especially as searches can be done quickly, efficiently and without compromising on the quality of information delivered.

  •  Consider the merit of Part-exchange homes

The quick house sale market has evolved considerably in recent times, both in terms of popularity and the range of services available. Take Quick Move Now, for example, which has recently launched an innovative part-exchange service that enables to easily identify and purchase their ideal home. This unique exchange scheme also allows you to offer your own home as part of the total fee payable, while providing scope for negotiation on the bottom line price point. While it may be unorthodox, this is a potentially excellent way of finding a suitable home.