Whether you are into watching the latest movies on your own, with friends, or snuggled up with your kids, there is a lot to be said about watching them in the comfort of your own home. You can eat whatever you want without paying the ridiculous cinema prices for things like soft drinks and popcorn, you can have wine and beer if you like, you can even watch whatever movie you like! If you’re into kung fu for example, this site has a broad array of kung fu movies, but depending on the genre of movie you’re into, there are plenty of resources out there for you to choose from too, all from the comfort of your own home! There also won’t be any noisy people using their mobile phones throughout the movie (also, if you want to, you can use your own phone without anyone yelling at you!). You can pause the film whenever you want a bathroom break, and you can be in your pyjamas if you feel like it!

With modern large-screen TVs or even home projectors that can create a cinema-style projection from even your mobile phone’s screen, you can enjoy the big screen experience without making the trip to the cinema, complete with surround sound. You can even have a 3D TV and enjoy 3D movies without worrying that anyone you know will see you in your 3D glasses! There are loads of advantages to a home cinema, but how do you get it just right?

Home Cinema

Put it in a Room of Its Own

Having your home cinema in its very own room makes it feel far more special than having it as just another configuration of your living room that you set up for film nights. You can convert a spare bedroom, basement, loft conversion or an outdoor room like the ones you can have made for you by Garden Spaces into your home cinema, and it’ll be an impressive space that impresses your friends and will make watching films even more fun!

Make It Look the Part

You can buy all kinds of great movie posters or even other promotional things like cutouts of movie characters. If you look on places like eBay people are often selling these after promotions for a given film are over, so you can make your home cinema look really cool fairly inexpensively.


Whether you prefer a normal large-screen plasma or LCD TV or want to use a projector, the screen is the most important thing, so make sure it is the best you can get within your budget. When it comes to actually playing movies, you’ll want a good Blu-Ray player (or you can use a console – the Xbox One and PS4 both play Blu-Ray and can also access Netflix and other on-demand services, plus they can let your cinema double as a gaming room!), and also all the cables you need to connect your laptop or other device to your TV so you can play movies and media stored on your hard drive. Good surround sound speakers are also vital for the experience!

A home cinema can be great fun and a great place to entertain, so if you watch a lot of films this could be the ideal home improvement for you!