We all have a lot of stuff that we might not use often, but we still want to keep it. And this means that we need to store our items and possessions. The trouble is that self-storage facilities can be pricey these days. And it means you don’t have the stuff to hand if you suddenly want to use it. That is one of the most annoying home problems, and makes things difficult financially and practically.

The problem a lot of us face is that we just don’t have space at home to store things. So, this is where you need to try to get a little creative and think laterally. There are plenty of ways you can come up with storage solutions to allow you to store your stuff and save you money. Here is a list of just a few of these solutions.


Furniture storage has become much more common these days because more furniture is made to support it. Think about the furniture you have at home, and how useful it can be. Your bed might have draws in it where you can store things. If not then there will no doubt be space under the beds for storage. A lot of sofas will have gaps and space if you pull off the cushions, and even things like Ottoman’s and stools have hidden compartments. Check out your furniture, and see how you can use it to create more storage space.


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 Wall Mounted

A simple and highly effective storage suggestion would be wall mounted storage. This is one of the best ways of maximising the space you have at home. And it keeps the floor as clear as possible too so everything is neater. Look into wall mounted storage bins and shelving units. These are perfect for storing whatever you need, and would be ideal for certain rooms of the home like the study or the kitchen.


Cupboards are our main source of storage in and around the home, but are you making the most of your cupboard space? It’s easy to just throw things in with no discernible order or organisation. And this is the best way to take up space very quickly and run out of room. Instead, you need to come up with some kind of system to use. If you can keep your cupboards neat and organised, you’re going to find that you are a lot more economical with storage space.


You also need to make use of the things you’ll find outside the home. If you have a garage, this is the perfect place to store a lot of stuff. Garages have plenty of space, and you can create even more by hanging ceiling bars. Try to make sure you can store as much as you can in the garage. This will keep it out of the way, but will ensure it is readily accessible if and when you need it.

These are just some of the great storage solutions you can implement in and around the home. They will maximise space and help you to save money at the same time. And this is crucial these days when money is tighter than ever. If you follow the ideas on here, you’ll be able to keep hold of sentimental possessions and you won’t have to pay through the nose for self-storage.