The rates for domestic burglary have slowly reduced over the last few years in the UK. Still, London residents should refrain from taking that as an indication to forgo home security. Burglar alarms boast of being a primary defence mechanism, but many are uncertain about which is ideal for their household.

In reality, the decision stems from personal preference. While there are a few types offered on the market by professional burglar alarm installation companies, each has its own pros and cons. The primary choices include:

  1. The smart alarm: This method uses an app alerting your smartphone with any pertinent details.
  2. The dialer alarm: A homeowner is contacted via mobile if there’s a disturbance.
  3. Bells alarm: A loud siren declares a problem to the surrounding community.

These are usually either wired in or wireless, depending primarily on whether you have a good connection. Let’s look at each option more in-depth to give you a more informed decision-making process.

Protecting Your London Home with A Burglar Alarm System Installation

Types Of Burglar Alarms to Protect Your London Home

The primary deterrent of home intrusion is prevention. Burglars are less likely to enter a London home if security is in place. When an intruder believes a property is secured by an installed system, they’re less likely to make your home a target.

While the incidents of domestic intrusion are slowly decreasing, that doesn’t mean burglary is no longer a threat, nor should you reduce your efforts in protecting your London home. If criminals believe people are becoming lapsed in their security, the prevalence could rise again. Find out residential burglary facts at

The sort of alarms you introduce onto your property should make you feel secure, meet your budget, and be optimally efficient and effective. Consider these suggestions before committing to a system.

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●       The smart alarm system

The smart security system is for tech-savvy individuals since the alerts are sent through apps on your smartphone. Most of the features can be operated from your mobile, potentially linking some of these to other technology within the home. That includes the lights, CCTV cameras, and on.

By linking perhaps the lights to the alarm, these will automatically turn on when the siren is activated, potentially scaring off the intruder. These can come with window and door sensors, motion detectors, cameras, panic buttons, and more.

The idea is to customize them for an installation that will fit your particular circumstances.

●       The dialer alarm system

A dialer sounds an alarm also, but someone is contacted via a mobile call, whether you are the contact person or a loved one. You decide how to set that up. The service may contact the police when the siren is activated if that’s your choice. These generally have a monthly fee attached to the service.

If you tend to travel or are away from the household more often than not, the dialer offers a level of security, knowing there will be contact if an intrusion occurs in your absence. Having a dialer installed is especially beneficial for people who live in less populated or remote locations. Go here for home security suggestions.

●      The bells-only alarm system

These are among the favoured and standard burglar alarms in the UK. The system incorporates sensors on the windows and doors along with motion detectors to detect intrusion. When triggered, a shrill siren is declared both in the household and within the neighbourhood to send the criminal on their way.

The downside is the community has become accustomed to these sirens blasting off for unrelated reasons, including power problems causing people to ignore the sound when it activates. If you live in an isolated or remote location, it is better to choose one of the other options for optimum security.

Otherwise, when these are installed, they still have the potential to scare burglars from pursuing their criminal activities.

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Final Thought

One priority many people need to consider is maintenance. Once the burglar system you select is installed, it’s critical to have the alarm serviced at least once each year to ensure it always functions optimally. The repair tech will work to detect minor defects and make all the necessary corrections with the tune-up, so you don’t have to worry about it malfunctioning at the least opportune moment.

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