Practical Stylish Kitchen

As the most utilised room in the house, it makes sense that interior design savvy home-owners want their kitchens to be practical, stylish and up-to-the-minute. Whether your kitchen is in desperate need of a makeover or you simply have a passion for regularly redecorating, 2014 has introduced some seriously stylish trends to get you inspired. Read on for an overview of our favourite looks and how you can incorporate them into your kitchen!

Monochrome Magic

Inspired by clean Scandinavian design, the monochrome trend encompasses simplicity and class. The look is making a notable comeback in 2014 and is the perfect complement to modern and contemporary homes. A monochrome kitchen is great as it gives you the flexibility to choose your colour scheme and decorate accordingly – sticking to the same palette of course! Cabinets are one of the most prominent surfaces in the kitchen and are a fantastic place to start. Whether you go for clean cut whites or sultry shades of grey, the range of colours on offer is guaranteed to please every décor taste.

Got the Blues?

Every year has a trending colour and for 2014 it’s blue! The kitchen is a great place to incorporate colour and can be tailored to fit the individual tastes of every decorator. Light metallic blues will bring a sense of airy freshness while darker blues such as navy and ink will add a touch of drama. If you like, you can mix shades up to create a blue inspired spectrum. Colour trends are a great way to bring your kitchen up to par with the latest interior design styles. If you’re on a budget, simply adding some blue accessories can change the entire look and feel of the room. For those who want to go all out, revamping kitchen doors and cabinets works wonders. There are some gorgeous blue acrylic ultra gloss doors out there that will transform your kitchen into a magazine worthy masterpiece.

Naturally Beautiful

The au naturel look is gaining rapid popularity in the interior design sphere which is steadily leaning towards the warmth and ambience of natural materials such as wood, stone, exposed brick and rustic copper. Kitchen cabinet doors are the ideal item on which to embrace the trend and will ensure that your kitchen looks wonderfully at one with nature. If you love the rustic look but still want to retain a little glamour, an acrylic ultra gloss kitchen door in a beautiful wood finish could be the ideal solution! The natural look of wood will bring a feel of organic charm while the high gloss finish ensures that your kitchen retains its urban chic.

With these latest interior design trends in mind, why not go ahead and start planning your kitchen overhaul. Whether you’re serving up the kids their breakfast or throwing an elegant adults only dinner party, upgrading your cabinet doors and cupboards with a stylish acrylic ultra gloss option will keep your kitchen serving its practical purpose whilst looking amazing!

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