Front Room

From bombsite to paradise: overhaul your front room

Do you ever enter your living room and mistake it for the site of the Dresden fire bombings? Is your television covered in so much dust that every programme seems to resemble a reality show about bits of dust? Is your settee harder than a Flintstones three-piece suite?

Yeah, you might want to consider a living room overhaul.

And, luckily for you, you’ve come to the right place. Have a gander at some of these living room design tips to turn it from bombsite to paradise.

Scintillating seating

You slump in from work, straight out of the daily nine to five grind, and what welcomes you? A seat that seems to be made from spikes, bricks and the abstract notion of discomfort.

While it can be easy to settle for less when you’re on a budget, poor seating can lead to the type of back strain that’ll take more than money to fix. So, splash the cash when it comes to your derriere.

Start with some manual recliner chairs, the type that Joey and Chandler in Friends used to luxuriate on. With one of these bad boys, you’ll be able to adjust your seat for maximum comfort. Add in a settee with reclining function and you’ll have a range of seating options that won’t strain your spine.

Terrific tellies

For many of us, the TV is the focal point of the living room. But who wants a portable telly that requires a magnifying glass and a high level of squinting to enjoy?

You want a big telly, that’s for sure. But if you’re after the sharpest picture, things get a tad more complicated. Opt for 1080p functionality (the highest of high definition) and connect your set-top box and telly with an HDMI cable. That way, provided it’s a big un, you’ll have the ideal centre point for your room.

Fantastic feature walls

Bored of the same pattern crowding your walls? Well, here’s the perfect solution.

Implement a feature wall, that’s one papered section of wall while the rest remains plain, to add a dash of variety to your wall space. To pull this off, make the design on the wallpaper bold without seeming garish. If you can toe that line, you’ll have a smart piece of wall space that won’t get bland anytime soon.

Gratifying guest space

Remember – your living room is the place where you’re most likely to be entertaining guests, so you have to make sure your style isn’t so personal that it’ll alienate visitors. While you can still indulge in a bold design, try to make at least a portion of your space neutral so that guests can sit back and relax.