Orchid care for beginners

Orchids are the most popular plants in the UK, but can be surprisingly difficult to care for.

One widespread misconception is that orchids are difficult to care for. They are actually very easy! With a little attention virtually all orchids will flower several times a year. Naturally the thousands of different species of orchid do not all require the same care. However, there are some general tips that will help most orchids look their best.

Orchids like:

  • a light spot.
  • room temperatures of between 15 and 25 °C.
  • give fertilizer once every month

Orchids do not like:

  • wet feet.
  • draughts.
  • full and direct sunlight.
  • being near the central heating or stove.

Watering tips:

  • immerse the orchid (the pot) in a bowl of water once a week (5 – 10 minutes). After immersing allow the water to drain.
  • Exclusive orchids need moderate water once a month.

Orchids will usually flower again after six month Once the flowers have ceased blossoming, they will fall off of their own accord, and the spike will start to change colour. Once all the flowers have fallen off, it is time to prune. Prune a branch that has ceased blossoming above the second eye (measured from the bottom). Now put the orchid away in a cooler spot. The orchid now only needs a minimal amount of watering. After two months, you can return the plant to its normal spot. Now water again as you normally would. Your orchid will usually flower again after six months.