Home is where you kick your feet up and relax after a long day. However, you can’t feel comfortable in a house full of pests and rodents. Furthermore, these menaces could damage your property or cause you to fall sick. Here is a list of seven tips to prevent pests in your home.

How to Prevent Pests in Your Home

Consume your fruits and vegetables as soon as possible

The best place to store your fruits and vegetables would be the fridge. However, a fruit basket will do the trick if you don’t own a fridge. However, if you leave your fruits out too long, they will eventually attract fruit flies, which are annoying yet harmless. On the other hand, rotting or overripe fruits could attract bigger insects such as roaches and houseflies, which are a menace to eliminate. Therefore, if you don’t have a fridge, you are better off consuming your fruits and vegetables before they start going bad.

Pay attention to your garden

Holes and pits in your garden could provide excellent breeding grounds for mosquitoes when they fill up with water. Bushy growths could also make a good home for grown mosquitoes and other pests like rats and ants. Therefore, it would help to regularly maintain your garden by filling up any holes and trimming the grass. If you have a pond, watering hole, or fountain, ensure you clean it regularly to prevent the growth of moss and algae.

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Clear the surroundings of standing water

Mosquitoes love to lay eggs in standing water. Before you know it, you will be swatting mosquitoes left, right, and centre. In addition to that, you and your loved ones will become at greater risk of contracting diseases such as dengue and malaria. Therefore, it would be wise to clear any clogged drains that would encourage the formation of stagnant water. If you store buckets in your bathroom, ensure they are completely dry when not in use. In the unfortunate case of a leaking roof or air-conditioner, avoid using a bucket to collect the water and install a pipe to drain the leak outside the house.

Hire professionals to exterminate pests

Home remedies can only go so far in getting rid of pests. You might think you have succeeded in getting rid of your roach problem, only to see two big ones run out of their hiding place and into another dark corner of the room. The most effective way to prevent a pest infestation – whether you have a roach problem, an issue with rodents, or are requiring scorpion pest control, would be to hire an exterminator. Ensure you hire one near your area and look through their portfolio and client testimonials to be certain they have the experience that you require.

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Take the trash out regularly

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t let the day’s garbage spend the night in your home. It would be best to take out the trash as soon as you are done preparing dinner. Allowing garbage to accumulate could attract cockroaches, rats, and rodents to pitch tents in your house. These pests are a menace and facilitate the spread of diseases to pests and young children who love to crawl and put foreign objects in their mouths.

Don’t keep outdoor items inside the house

Those of you with a green thumb most likely have gardening tools, shoes, and other equipment to help you with your hobby. However, keeping outdoor equipment in the main house could make way for pests to invade your space. It would be wise to place these tools and muddy shoes in the garage or build a separate shed for them. If you must bring them into the house, ensure you clean them thoroughly and store them appropriately.

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Ensure the kitchen and bathroom is spotless

Since the kitchen and bathrooms are damp, they provide the perfect breeding grounds for pests. Vegetable peels, leftovers, and spills in the kitchen could also encourage pests to dwell in your home. Therefore, it would be wise to clean any spills as soon as they occur and wipe the sinks, drawers, countertops, and kitchen appliances. If you have a shower curtain, ensure it is dry to prevent moss from growing. We also recommend you clean the floors, walls, and flat surfaces with a disinfectant killer to discourage pests from frequenting your home. If you resort to using pesticides, ensure you clean the room thoroughly to prevent food contamination.

Wrapping Up

Rodents, insects, and pests make our skin crawl and our homes uninhabitable. You would also be too embarrassed to invite guests to your house, knowing a roach could surface at any time. We hope this article has discussed helpful tips to ensure your home is free from pests.

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