At Locks Direct we’re a family-run business meaning we know how important it is to our customers to feel that their home is safe, not only for themselves but their families too. Christmas is an exciting time of year but it is also well-known that we see an increase in break-ins and theft around this time. This is for a whole host of reasons, darker nights provide the perfect cover for intruders, and people hoping to find Christmas presents or things to sell ahead of the big day.

Rest assured you do not need to worry, at Locks Direct we sell a range of high-quality reliable padlocks for homes as well as security accessories such as steel chains. Quality padlocks are an essential investment to help secure your property against theft. We have been operating in the security market for almost 15 years and have an exceptional reputation, priding ourselves on excellent customer service and unrivalled prices.

At Locks Direct we sell the best padlocks online, but we’re also happy to offer friendly expert advice on ways to avoid theft and keep your property protected. This article endeavours to do just that, we hope you find it useful and have a safe and happy holiday season.

How to have a Safe and Merry Christmas with Locks Direct

Tips on keeping your home safe:

  • Ensure gifts are not in full view of people walking past your window. Many thieves will walk around different neighbourhoods seeing what they can see through people’s windows and making a mental note of where the best ‘offering’ is. Avoid giving them a reason to return.
  • Try not to post pictures of your valuables, gifts, or what you plan to buy on social media, information online can spread fast. As well as avoiding posts with personal information and where you live online.
  • If you’ve bought larger gifts that need to be stored in your garage or shed such as a bike, make sure you take extra measures when locking them away, and use high-security padlocks such as the ones found here.
  • Keep doors and windows locked even when you’re in, this is to avoid people entering your home uninvited. If you need people to easily access your home such as carers we recommend a key safe. Thieves know all too well to check under doormats and in pots making that an unsafe option.
  • If you have large sums of money or valuables such as jewellery in your home keep them in a safe or a padlocked cupboard and keep the passcode or key to yourself and those you trust.
  • When you’re going out for the evening leave a small energy-saving light on in the house to create the illusion that someone is home, thieves are more likely to break in if they think no one is in.
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We hope this blog has helped you if you were feeling anxious about theft this Christmas time. Visit our website here to find out more information on security solutions and to shop our range of padlocks, we have weatherproof padlocks, combination padlocks and so much more to offer you peace of mind.