Geomagworld magnetic toys provide an exciting platform for the celebration of British Science Week. Geomag’s creative and innovative toys help inspire young children’s minds and develop their cognitive skills. With easy-to-assemble magnetic structures, Geomagworld toys offer a range of experiments that allow kids to build stable structures and explore motion, gravity, thrust, and momentum.

Explore STEM with British Science Week

British Science Week is a fantastic opportunity to explore the wonders of science. This year’s theme is ‘Connections’ and encourages children to look for connections in the world. Geomag magnetic toys are a great way to show children these connections as they use their imagination to build different structures with rods and magnets and see how they interact with each other. Geomag provides tactile learning, building hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, and spatial awareness – all while having fun! Geomag magnetic kits allow learners of all ages to explore issues in science while influencing their creative thinking.

The Geomag Mechanics 153 Piece Combo Starter Set (757) £39 from is an ideal starter set to get children into Science.

Explore STEM with British Science Week

Science is a key element of STEM and with STEM-related jobs growing 8% per year, it is never too early to embrace and encourage creative and educational learning. All Geomag’s toys are certified ensuring the learning of transferable skills that are necessary for success in STEM-related fields. By playing with Geomag, children are laying the foundation for a successful career in STEM by honing their problem-solving and analytical abilities.

STEM-related jobs require strong analytical and problem-solving skills, and the best way to learn these skills is by playing with Geomag. This magnetic construction toy supports various ways of building structures, that encourage children to develop logical reasoning skills, increase their ability in science, and improve their spatial awareness. For example, children can place Geomag magnetic rods with metal spheres to create amazing constructions. With Geomag Mechanics and Gravity sets they can add movement into these creations and explore how science moves around us.

  • When playing with Geomag Mechanics and Gravity Sets think and talk about:
  • Why do the rods and spheres stick together?
  • What makes the metal sphere move?
  • What slows the sphere down or speeds it up?
  • Which forces does it use?
  • Which forces can’t you see?

British Science Week is a wonderful opportunity for children to explore and embrace the scientific and technological marvels of the world and Geomagworld. Through innovative and exciting play, children can learn and appreciate science unlike ever before. Whether it’s hands-on activities, educational games, or interactive experiments, British Science Week gives kids the power to experience science their way. With endless possibilities, it’s never been easier for youngsters to connect with science like never before – all while having fun with Geomag.

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