Scandinavian design is world-renowned for its practical, stark beauty, and earthy undertones. While Ikea may have first brought minimalist furniture into homes around the world, Scandinavian design extends much further than simple tables and shelves. Coat racks, bookshelves, blankets, and other necessary items can be found with a Scandinavian twist, and they often double as fashionable accessories as well as being perfectly functional.

The main components of Scandinavian design are functionality, simplicity, and earthy or modern beauty. The form generally follows the function, and there will be little to no wasted space or materials. This also makes the product simple and generally minimalistic in style.

Scandinavian Furniture Designs

Finally, Scandinavian design often mixes modern sleekness and colors (such as black and white) with more woodsy tones like oak. You may find beige and off-white used a lot as well, and these designs are often both warm yet slightly detached. Scandinavian design utilizes natural lighting to enhance the space, but you may find accents of turquoise or other lighter colors as well. Going into 2019, there are some amazing new Scandinavian offerings that will transform your home and help to declutter your space for the new year. For inspiration, this guide will go over the five best new Scandinavian design options available today!

1. Stressless Furniture

Stressless is a popular Scandinavian furniture company that specializes in sleek and comfortable chairs, couches, and accessories. Their chairs are perfect for offices or living rooms, and they are known to be exceptionally soft and comfortable. This can help to reduce stress during the workday or help you unwind at night. Plus, you can choose from soft tan colors to darker browns, and the base of the sleek chairs are accented with oak or other complimentary woods.

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2. Blue and Colorful Accents

As mentioned earlier, Scandinavian design often utilizes white and tan colors with a focus on natural lighting. However, you can use turquoise or blue accents to really enhance your room and draw attention to the colors. Try using a blue lampshade or rug to make your room pop with color, or add a bit of red to your white and black coffee table. Even using a single colorful pillow or throw blanket on your white couch can transform a room, and it’s these simple accents of color that really make Scandinavian design special.

3. Minimalist Clothing Racks

If you need extra space in your room or entryway, a Scandinavian clothing rack is a perfect choice for style and functionality. Often utilizing both sharp and smooth curves, these simple three-legged steel racks provide enough space for you to hang all of your shirts and coats without taking up unnecessary space. Plus, they are a great visual addition to your room. For color choice, you may wish to choose an opposing color (such as black against a white wall) to make it truly pop.

4. Worn Leather Accents

For chairs and couches, try a worn leather design to get a woodsy and naturalistic feel. Scandinavian design doesn’t always have to be cold or modern, and worn leather can bring some cabin-like magic into your home. You can choose from faux-leathers as well without compromising on aesthetics.

Scandinavian Furniture Designs

5. Floating Wood Shelves

Finally, you can enhance your kitchen with floating wood shelves that hold glasses, condiments, and other essential items around your kitchen. Choose a wood that compliments your wall, and then organize your glasses, spices, and peppers into a pleasing design. The shelves don’t have to be large, and even smaller square shelves can be a great aesthetic addition to your kitchen.

With these tips, you’ll be able to transform your home into a Scandinavian paradise in no time!