We’re all in agreement that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house – where you share meals and socialise with family and friends.

From time-to-time, you’re likely to want to change-up the appearance of the kitchen, as with any other part of the home. However, with bench surfaces and a variety of fixtures and fittings making up much of your kitchen, this is something you can’t do every day.

Fortunately, with the help of DM Design, purveyors of bespoke kitchens, Glasgow, we can present a list of changes you can make to your kitchen with just a lick of paint.

Paint cabinet doors. Replacing kitchen cabinets can be costly, so it’s not something you’re likely to do on a budget. Painting the cabinets is the cost-effective alternative, with some great specialist paints on the market in a range of colours, so the change can be as dramatic – or subtle – as you wish.

Paint stools and seats. Spice-up your breakfast bar or dining table by customising your bar stools with some metallic or woodwork paint. A colour pop is a good way to go, especially if you have brightly-coloured appliances that you can match them to or contrast with.

Paint the inside of cabinets. Painting the interior of cabinets is a great way to add another dimension – and splash of colour – in no time at all. Pick something in a deeper shade than your existing wall colour, to add a little more depth, or pick a complete contrast to add more interest to the eye.

Paint tiles. A less-common practice than painting cabinets, people often don’t realise they can paint the tiles in their kitchen. With this, you have a real opportunity to change the appearance of your kitchen in just one step. Have colourful tiles? Paint them white. Have a checkerboard pattern? Paint one of the colours something different! You’ll be surprised at how much impact this can have. Just make sure you need a steady hand, but that’s about it!

Add a feature colour. Choosing a single, stand-alone colour for a feature wall allows you to be a little bolder than you may usually be. If you’ve been dying to try a colour in your kitchen, a feature wall is a good test to see if you’ll like it. Why not try a green, turquoise or pink for a real shock of colour?

Chalk it up. Chalkboard paint can add a fun element to any kitchen – especially if you have young children or live with grown-ups who are young at heart. Choose a section of wall and paint with chalkboard paint – there are few different colours available, or you can go with classic black – and grab some brightly coloured chalk. The whole household can have fun designing a new pattern for the wall or you can use it as a handy to-do memo board, leaving notes to other members of the house or a list of things to buy in the next weekly shop.