Julia Dee is a clothing care innovator, leader in natural anti-moth solutions. Julia founded Total Wardrobe Care in 2007, a unique natural anti-moth product collection and clothing storage range which was in development for five years.  New for 2018, is an effective and 100% natural anti-moth DIY kit, designed to eliminate and prevent moth infestations.

From May to October is the moth breeding time, and to protect your clothes and prevent an infestation, Julia recommends the following tips to go alongside her anti-moth DIY Kits.

Autumn Cleaning Tips

Cleanliness is paramount. Only on-going cleanliness, moth maintenance and garment protection will keep moths away.

  • Put clothes away clean.  Always dry clean cashmere
  • Long-term storage use sealed breathable boxes and bags.
  • Re-new anti-moth products frequently.
  • Keep a moth box in each room to monitor male moth activity.


Moth management.


Tackle one room at a time

To eliminate all living moths from a room, use the chrysanthemum moth spray. Close all windows and doors, remove any fish tanks, pets and children. Spray all areas thoroughly. Under furniture, behind curtains and around the edges of the carpet. Take out all your clothes from the wardrobe and drawers and spray inside. Leave your clothes in the room and this will also kill any moths in your clothes. Wait 4 hours and then open the door and another 4 hours the room is ready to use.


Infestation in clothes.

If you suspect moths in your clothes and see the tell-tale signs, holes and little white trails or tiny rice-like cocoons then spray directly into the wardrobe, this will kill everything. Then everything should be dry cleaned or washed if in doubt.

Putting clothes in bags and freezing for a couple of days also works to kill any larvae, but it doesn’t remove the food source which is skin and hair particles and food splats.



To give continual protection all year round use a moth box and moth decoy in each room and replace every three months. The moth decoy attracts the male moth and he gets covered in a powder that only attracts males and puts off the females and so the breeding cycle is interrupted. Place on a shelf or chest of drawers, but not in a draft. At the opposite end of the room place the moth box, under a chest of drawers, chair, or bed, somewhere dark and undisturbed. This has a sticky pheromone paper in a special box and this also attracts the male moth but he gets stuck to the paper and dies. These two together complement one another and help to protect your room.


Moth Repellents

The female moth is looking for a dark undisturbed place to eat mate and lay eggs. So make sure clothes are not put away dirty at the end of the season. Protect natural fabrics by putting knitwear into knitwear bags or storage boxes with some acid-free tissue. Hanging garments put into breathable garment bags with Velcro necks that close tightly around the tops of the coat hangers. The lady moth doesn’t like a strong smell so add repellents to the wardrobes and drawers. The essential oil is made from 8 natural ingredients that have been historically used around the world to keep moths away. Lavender cedar-wood, patchouli, lemongrass clove, laurel, rosemary and thyme.

It can be used with the little wooden diffuser and placed in the wooden cup, the oil travels up the stick into the ball and gives off a fragrance that we love and moths hate. It lasts for 6 months and then needs to be replaced.

The Total Wardrobe Care anti-moth DIY kit includes 1 bottle of Chrysanthemum spray, 1 moth box, 1 moth decoy 1 wardrobe sachet and 1 essential oil with a wooden diffuser.