Decorating a child’s bedroom can be so much fun. From bright colours to novelty themes, plenty of wall art and funky decorations, often as adults the most fun we can have when decorating our homes is our children’s rooms. As kids get older they change what they do and don’t like so much that it’s hard to keep up so it’s a good idea to get used to regularly having to revamp.

Here’s some tips for redecorating your children’ bedroom:

Colour Scheme

First things first, decide what colour scheme or theme you want to go for. There are so many different themes you can go for when decorating a kid’s room that it’s great. From recreating a fairy-tale pink princess castle to an under the sea or space theme room, the world really is your oyster. There are so many novelty wall papers available, plus so many additional extras to spruce a room up with from stick on transfers and themed wall art. Whatever your child’s into at present you’re sure to be able to create them their dream pad with a little thought.

Decide on a bed

Once you’ve got the general theme sorted it’s time to decide what kind of bed you child needs. Often as they grow up they want a more fun themed bed like these Midi Sleepers from Bedzrus. A Midi sleeper is great for both parents and kids as it saves a lot of space and has plenty of room for storage underneath, helping you to keep the room as tidy as possible. There are all different kind of midi sleepers so if you’re little girl is obsessed with being a princess the castle themed one is perfect equally there are house themed beds and plain ones.



Get some bed covers to match and make sure to get plenty of funky cushions and cuddly toys to match the overall theme. You could also get a nice lamp and a rug for the floor to match too. Once you’ve got the bed in then you can fit all the other furniture around and see how much space you have. It’s a good idea to try and be as efficient as possible when planning a child’s room as there often ends up being toys everywhere and having several places to stash things helps keep it tidy. Plus, then there’s plenty of room for playing on the floor.

And, voila redecorating a kids bedroom is child’s play!