Make Waves

Cast off from shore to teeter and totter on imaginary ocean waves.  Drift accross the deep blue and rock worries away aboard this tugboat. Sit back on the deck, grab the handles and rock back and forth like you are rolling the oceans waves. Imagine that you are on a high seas adventure.

Hape High Seas Rocker is the perfect addition to any nursery. Not only is its stunning design and finish beautiful to behold, but its many features serve children throughout the developmental stages of early childhood. Providing the foundation for imaginative play the child will be building on their Physical development, co-ordination and balance, and build arm and leg strength.

Better still, due to the high quality chunky wood that makes up the High Seas Rocker, this is a product that is made to last. It can remain a treasured part of the family for years as new little additions enter, due to it being gender neutral.

What really sets Hape aside though as toy manufacturers, is their commitment to building toys with sustainability at the forefront of their consciousness at all times; “from the beginning of the design process, through production and delivery, to the final unwrapping of the consumer packaging, Hape toys are a collaboration of global thinking and responsible ecology”.

One of the many issues facing the world is the amount of waste that is disposed of on landfill. Not enough renewable or sustainable materials are being used and there is always a growing demand for more places to discard rubbish. Hape recognise that “the future begins and belongs to our children”, and by using all natural materials, as well as water-based, non-toxic paints and glue, they are reducing the impact of this generation’s actions on the next.

Recommended for 12 months Hape High Seas Rocker is available from Amazon for £69