How To Tranform A Spare Room Into A Beautiful Nursery

Kiran Singh

One of the biggest tasks faced by pregnant couples is the creation of a functional and beautiful nursery before their baby arrives. This is where your child will spend a great deal of time in the early stages of his or her’s life. So the pressure is on to make it safe and secure. While also being fun, colorful and packed with plenty of personality. Spare bedrooms are a popular choice, but they often need a lot of work to get them up to scratch. So to quickly transform your unloved spare room into a nursery you can be proud of, use the ideas in this guide.


Paint the walls

The color you choose for you nursery is vital as it will influence other choices you make for the space. The furniture, storage solutions, and decor you choose will all have to work alongside your chosen color. So it’s a decision you should consider very carefully. While there is nothing wrong with using blue and pink, don’t feel limited to just using these colors. Also, don’t paint the entire room one color or it will make it feel smaller than it actually is. Look at alternative colors such as mint green or lilac and use them to create feature walls. Use baby magazines and websites to get further nursery color inspiration.


Use wall stickers

While there are dozens of gorgeous nursery wallpapers available, they can be time-consuming and a big commitment. So a far better option is to use removable wall stickers instead. These have become increasingly popular in recent years, and they come in an endless variety of styles, sizes, and designs. Wall stickers give you the chance to get creative with the walls in your nursery and let you create something truly unique. You could use them to cover an entire wall or just a small accent wall if you prefer. This can be done quickly and easily, as they can be repositioned. Unlike wallpaper, they can easily be removed and replaced by more grown-up designs as your child gets older. Why not look online to see how other couples have used them to give you some inspiration.


Choose suitable lighting

The lighting in your baby’s nursery will serve two very important purposes. Firstly it will add practicality to the space, making it easier to see and boosting the safety of your nursery. It will also help the room feel more calm and relaxing for your baby when they go to sleep. Make sure you don’t use bulbs that are too bright in the ceiling light or lamps as this can hurt their delicate eyes. Dimmer switches are another great addition because they let you control the intensity of the light and the mood of the room. Look for batter run night lights in fun designs and colors too, to save money on your energy bills.

It’s important to remember that this room won’t be for a baby indefinitely. Before you know it, you will have an energetic toddler running around. So make sure that you keep this in mind throughout the process. Otherwise, your nursery might need updating sooner than you think.

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