Can you believe we are half-way through 2016 already? I still remember writing my New Year’s resolutions and planning the first quarter of 2016! So far, this year have been pretty interesting I must admit – this is what I have been up to (so far):

A couple of years ago, I attended this seminar where the host said that if we didn’t buy her package, when we came back a year after  we’d be more likely to be at the same place as we were when we attended the seminar. I found that quite rude. No one stays at the same place – we all move somehow and somewhere. I know that I have come a LONG way in the last 2-3 years. I am nowhere where I once used to be.

Never stop believing in yourself – no matter what others say. Only you know your journey 🙂

 “No one but YOU knows how hard you work,
 how many hours you put in behind the scenes,
 so rely on YOURSELF for approval,
 not the outside world.”

Half-way through 2016

I love June. Warm days, beach walks, hydrangeas and farmers markets…..Time for sunny days and blues skies….Hello June….Summer is almost here…..Happy June!
Gorgeous illustration by Rosehill Designs