Cut Back Your Living Costs With These Healthy, Eco-Friendly Ideas

OK, so today I thought we would look at three things that can save you money, keep you and your family healthy, and help to reduce your carbon footprint. And, let’s be honest here; who doesn’t want those things to happen? Enjoy!

Grow Your Own


Grow Your Own Fruit & Veg

OK, so there are many advantages to growing your veg. Of course, it will save you money at the supermarket. But, it will also cut down the amount of fuel you use to buy them, and the quantity of fuel it takes to transport your food to the shops. Also, it will be healthier for you and your family. No more nasty pesticides and chemicals, and just pure, organic goodness straight from your veggie patch to your dinner plate.

To get started, think about an area of your garden that gets enough sun and rain to kickstart growth. You will need to tend the soil first so that it is in good condition.  There’s an excellent guide over at The Telegraph to get you going. Next, think about the vegetables you want to grow. Tomatoes, potatoes, and onions are all ideal for beginners. Once you get the hang of things, you can move on to broad beans, beetroots, and whatever takes your fancy.

Slash Your Energy Bills

According to, the average U.K. family was spending £136 each month just to light and heat their homes. Realistically, you can look at taking a third of that figure, just by making certain adjustments. First of all, you need to change your mindset. Get used to turning things off when they aren’t in use, and get to know how your heating system works. So many people are oblivious to their central heating, but even dropping the temperature by a couple of degrees can lead to a significant reduction in your energy bills.

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Next, think about making changes around your home. A more efficient air con system will help your home stay germ-free and keep your monthly payments down. If you can afford the investment, then think about getting solar panels. Industry specialists Nova Lumos Solar Power say that getting panels means you will be eligible for ‘feed-in’. That means you get paid for feeding the grid electricity and pay less for any energy you draw. And that all adds up to a lot of savings! But, you don’t have to spend a fortune. Even repairing holes in the floorboards or installing a thicker carpet can have a beneficial effect.

Make Your Own Cleaning Products

Finally, have a think about the cleaning products you use in your home. If you have just invested time and effort into making your home healthy and eco-friendly, why spoil it all by using harsh chemicals on your lovely fixtures and fittings? It’s so easy to make your own, too. Head over to Moral Fibres for some brilliant ideas.

Not only will making your cleaning solutions yourself save you money at the tills, but it will also stop those nasty chemicals being used in your home. And, of course, it will reduce the risk of your little ones putting those products in their mouths. Need some help cleaning? This guide will show you where to start.

For more tips on living in a healthier home, be sure to have a look around the rest of my blog. There’re plenty of inspirational ideas that can help point you in the right direction.

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