Glass has become an essential architectural component. It’s no longer just a functional material for doors and windows, it’s a crucial aspect of modern design. More and more modern homes are implementing glass features to bring life to the house. It adds a perception of space and a feeling of elegance. Of course, it also helps flood the house with natural light and draw in the heat. Glass is beautiful, practical and magnificent. Here are just a few ways that you can take advantage of it.

Glass In The Home


Glass Balustrades

Balustrades are a form of decorative fencing. You can use them to outline your property’s perimeter, or mark off certain aspects of the home. Glass balustrades work fantastically well outdoors. You often find them surrounding a pool, a modern patio area or on balconies. They add a touch of class and modernity to the typical garden. Recently, we’ve seen them move inside the house to mark the staircase. If you like the sound of these glass balustrades in your home, visit SHS Products. They’ll kit your home out with the glass fencing you’re looking for.


Building a conservatory is one of the most popular forms of extension. It allows you to extend your home out into the garden and increase your floor space. You’ll immediately feel the effects as you open up the flow of space in your house. These big, glass structures also capture natural light and create a warm family space. It’s a great way to add character and value to your property. For more information, read our guide to adding wow-factor to your conservatory.


Modern designers are taking glass to all new levels by incorporating them into staircases. In some cases, they are using glass as the steps themselves. It creates a stunning floating feel to your staircase and adds a touch of modernism to the house. It also has the effect of opening up the ground floor space.

Glass cabinets

Glass cabinets are great because they look timeless and elegant. They also allow you to show off your prized possessions. You could keep an array of wines and liqueurs behind the glass. It will look classy and sophisticated. You could even make use of glass cabinets in the kitchen. Use them to show off your best china and dinner set!

Windows, doors and skylights

Windows, doors and skylights are the key to natural sunlight. Ideally, you’re looking to maximise as much as possible. Perhaps it’s time to widen the windows or upgrade them to double glazing alternatives. You could fit your home with large double fronted glass doors that open onto the garden. Better yet, install a skylight to ensure light reaches those hard-to-reach corners.

Splashbacks and shower screens

In modern homes, architects like to make the final touches with glass. Things like splashbacks and shower screens make perfect use of this material. If you’re looking for a little more modesty in your bathroom, you can always use frosted glass instead!
Glass is an incredibly versatile material. How could you adopt more into your home?