Cockroaches are destructive to your home and hazardous to your health. Because they are nocturnal and prefer to stay hidden, they can also be difficult to spot. This means you could have a cockroach problem long before you are aware of it. Look for these easily identifiable signs to catch a cockroach issue before it gets out of control.

1. Skins

As cockroaches mature, they must shed their hard skins in order to grow. If you find light-brown skins in the shape of a cockroach, you can be certain there are adult cockroaches living nearby. The more skins you see, the more likely it is you have a problem.

2. Odor

When cockroaches exist in large numbers, they produce an unpleasant musty odor. While this smell is more readily apparent with some species like the German cockroach than others, any type of disagreeable odor is cause for concern.

3. Droppings

Although you may not see them during the day, cockroaches will leave fecal droppings when they roam about at night. They can look similar to black pepper or coffee grounds and are typically found in places where cockroaches hide or feed. Start your investigation in places you store food such as a pantry or lower cupboards and areas where food is dropped like under the stove or kitchen table.

4. Egg Casings

Because cockroach egg casings are larger than their droppings, you may be able to spot them first. They are dark brown or black in color and are usually found in the same dark areas cockroaches like to hide in. Basements, garages and kitchen pantries are the best places to begin looking.

5. Live Bugs

Once you see a live cockroach, especially during the day, you most likely have an infestation. As the darker, more hidden places get crowded with cockroaches, some of them are forced out into the open and can alert you to their presence. Even if you only see one or two, that doesn’t mean your problem is small and you should call pest control.

An unaddressed cockroach issue can cause you to have allergies or get bacterial infections and diseases. If you notice any of these cockroach indicators, professional help is necessary. For the best San Antonio pest control, call Terminix at 1-844-251-2164. When you are wondering, “where can I find cockroaches control near me?” Terminix is the answer. Look over the Terminix website to learn more about their pest control solutions and how they can help you take back and protect your home.