The trees present in your garden do a lot for you – they provide shade on a hot summer day, contribute to the beauty of your outdoors, and are a gift to the environment. Given the current state of global warming, we are living in, planting new trees and caring for existing ones is more crucial than ever. Trees enable this entire ecosystem by producing oxygen and storing carbon to make this earth liveable for all things alive – the least you can do is care for them.

If you notice that the trees in your garden or backyard may be experiencing some trouble, it may be time to contact tree surgeons in your area. A tree surgeon or arborist is essentially a professional that studies the cultivation, management, and health of trees, shrubs, and other woody plants. Given below are four reasons why you may need the services of a tree surgeon:

4 Reasons Why You May Need The Services Of A Tree Surgeon

1. Your trees may be dying

While it isn’t always very obvious, they are certain signs that indicate when your trees may be dying. Certain signs to look out for include bark and limbs falling off, few leaves during the summer, patches in leaves, or brittle trunks. Whether this may be happening due to old age or due to disease, it can be treated if you discover the issue at the right time. A tree surgeon would allow you to follow the best course of action: if the tree is treatable, then everything would be well and good – however, if not, the tree would have to be carried away from your home to ensure that the falling branches don’t damage your property.

2. Your trees may have mould or blight

You may have to look at your trees carefully every now and then to see any signs of mould or blight growing on them. While you may not be able to perform a diagnosis and would need a tree surgeon to do that, you can look for obvious signs such as the leaves on the trees having a burnt appearance or discolouration. A tree surgeon would be able to prune the affected areas of the tree in order to stop the mould or blight from spreading any further or treat the affected area with chemicals.

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3. Your trees may have roots growing in the wrong places

Tree roots often have a tendency to grow in the wrong places, and this is especially common if the trees are old and placed close to your home. Roots may grow into the pipes or foundation of your home which can cause considerable damage to your property If you notice any lifted paving or blocked drains, it may be an indication that tree roots are growing into your home. A tree surgeon would be able to guide and execute the best course of action for you which may include carefully pushing the roots back and away from your home.

4. Your trees have an enlarged crown

The crown in a tree constitutes its canopy and its lateral branches, and when trees have an enlarged crown, it could affect and block the height of other plants in your garden and cause damage to other shrubs around it. While the only solution to this is regularly pruning your trees, a tree surgeon would be able to help you ensure that tree health is not affected in any way during pruning.

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