MARCH, 2015

Green Living: Be Eco Friendly without Compromising Style

You don’t have to build an eco-pod to make your home environmentally friendly. Today, there are many ways of making a difference without changing the look and feel of your property. If you don’t like the unsightly look of solar panels on your roof, permeable grass-guard on your driveway, or the use of rammed earth or straw bale instead of brick, here are some ways you can install environmental upgrades without aesthetic compromise. Take a look at some modern options for upgrading your home.


Cavity Wall Insulation


Cavity wall insulation is a great way to upgrade your home environmentally because it’s completely invisible to anyone walking around in your living space. Most modern homes are built with air gaps in the walls and the result is up to 35% of heat being lost on a daily basis. Cavity wall insulation can eliminate the ...

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Blooming Marvellous Spring Blinds

Spring Fresh Florals


Spring is the season to revive the home with a fresh new look and with Apollo Blinds’ gorgeous range of floral blinds a Spring interior revamp has never been easier.


Bright, fresh and beautifully botanical, Apollo’s stunning range of floral prints are bang-on-trend for 2015.


Fifty Shades of Green 






Evolving 2014’s trend to ‘bring the outside in’, 2015’s spring florals are greener and more organic than ever. Encompassing dense delicate prints, bold mossy blooms and leaf motifs, green is a key colour for 2015 and florals are the perfect way to bring the great outdoors into the home for a fresh natural look.


Vintage Rose


Vintage blooms transcend floral trends year on year. Perfect for creating a homespun, country classic feel, Apollo Blinds’ range of pretty rose prints are vintage and beautifully British – a classic look for all homes.





A refreshing trend focussed on water-coloured floral designs using brush strokes and colour bleeds. ...

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How To Get The Country Look This Season

When you are looking for ideas and inspiration for freshening the look of your home, it can be hard to come up with something new and original. There are so many great looks that you can use, that sometimes you feel like you are missing an opportunity to flex your own creative muscles. Every home is different though, and even if you see something in a photo to use in your own house, it will be unique to you. Your tastes and preferences are evident in every room, but those ideas only exist collectively in your home.

There are some lovely new ideas out for this season. The country look is definitely back, and simple whites and pastels are key to creating it. Pick woods with texture and grain to reflect and shadow natural light. Use some white louvered doors on the inside, and louvered shutters on the outside to ...

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Energy efficient boilers and the increasing use of solar energy

In the past, boilers installed in the home were one of the least efficient consumers of energy. Today, all of that has changed with the introduction of boiler types such as high efficiency condensing boilers. These modern boilers are very efficient because they are designed on a principle that allows them to recover much of the heat that would ordinarily be lost through the flue of a conventional (non-condensing) boiler.

High efficiency condensing boilers convert at least 90% of their fuel into heat. This is a 12% increase on the 78% seen with the conventional boilers. With these modern boilers, the energy efficiency remains relatively high even after 15 years of use.

The energy efficiency and eco-friendly nature of modern boilers has also been enhanced by the fact that some of them can now be powered by solar energy.  The increased usage of solar energy across the UK means it ...

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As the author Melissa McClone wrote, "Life takes you to unexpected places. Love brings you home. Although this adage almost always holds true, it has extra value on Valentines Day. This year have a Valentines Day date at home. Heres how you can fill your home with lovely details of love. 

1. Romantic photos: Display your wedding photos and other romantic photos around the house then find them all together. Walk through your home together and talk about the stories the pictures tell.

2. Flowers: There is nothing like a beautiful bouquet of red roses to make your home feel ready for Valentines Day. Display a few bouquets in your bedroom and on the dining room table. Feeling extra romantic? Scatter rose petals in a heart shape on your bed.

3. Candles: Light scented candles in your living room, kitchen, and bedroom. Candles are soft, romantic, and can change the ambiance of any room.

4. Date night ...

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How to Declutter & Decorate Your Home for Christmas on a Budget


With the Christmas season upon us, its a good time to think about de-cluttering your home. With so much gift-giving going on, youre bound to be giving (and receiving) items you may or may not like. Decluttering your home will make way for new goodies that you will be receiving as gifts from loved ones. Its also a good way to ensure your Christmas decorations will stand out. With the extra clutter, it can distract the beauty of the decorations you put up in your home. Decluttering may seem daunting especially if you have so much unnecessary items in your home. Naturally, you may feel as though you dont know where to begin; but rest assured. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Donate to those in need


Start with an empty bag or basket and go around your home, filling it ...

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Tips For Warming Your Living Room This Winter

If you are looking for style ideas for your home, you may not have considered the changing seasons. We are about to be thrown into what may be a very harsh winter. When you are thinking about updating your interior design, have a thought about how you could style savvy and help keep your energy costs down at the same time.

The recent trend for all things blinds has reclaimed valuable space near our windows and allows us to bring lots of extra light into the room. Vertical blinds especially have that extra quality and style that bring finesse to any window dressing. However, over the winter months, a good heavy, lined curtain will keep much of the cold from getting into the room. If you do feel a chill from the window area, now may be the time to invest in some high-quality thick curtains to shut out the draught ...

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Christmas Dining Room Design Inspiration

If youre hosting Christmas dinner, you need to make sure that your dining room is all set up to make Christmas feel special. Whether youre cooking for 20 or 5, its important that Christmas is magical for all. Use these dining room inspiration ideas if you need a hand:


Grey and Metallic

If you cant stand the thought of having too many decorations and colours in your dining room, you can always create a magical atmosphere with other colours instead. Grey and metallic are two colours that work extremely well together, and can still give the feeling of Christmas. Use accents in these colours for a classy, sophisticated look in your dining room.

Use Lighting for Atmosphere

Lighting is essential for getting the right atmosphere in the dining room. Lamps, candles, and fairy lights can all be used to give you a great effect and make everybody feel warm and at home. Make ...

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10 ways to create the perfect cosy winter bedroom


Now that the winter months are closing in, it is time to turn your bedroom into a comfy, cosy haven that will warm you up and relax you after battling the elements. This list will help you craft the ideal ambiance that will have you dreaming of getting home and snuggling up.

  • No more clutter: Clutter can cause instant anxiety so the first step is to get rid of all the bits and bobs. One way to tidy everything away is to get small boxes to organise and store in your drawers. Also, pay attention to the walls too much clutter on the walls can upset the calm in the room too.

  • Spend a little more: The one item you should pay more for is the sheets diving into really soft sheets make a perfect bedroom. Go for sheets with a high thread count and then save on the duvet ...

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Thermal lining on curtains and blinds

Save on heating bills with FREE Thermal Lining on Curtains and Blinds

Concern about our environment is certainly a major issue. But hitting home more directly is the cost of heating bills.  There are several ways to dramatically improve the energy efficiency of your home, particularly in areas where heat escapes more easily, such as through windows.

Online ...

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Big Home Decor Trends This Winter 2014

The changing of the seasons is the perfect excuse to give your home a bit of a makeover. Trends in summer vary from trends in winter, so its a great time to give your home a brand new look. Here are some ideas based on whats set to be big this winter:


Photo Credit

Rearrange Your Furniture

If you dont want to make a massive change to your home, simply switching up your current furniture arrangement can make a world of difference. A big trend this winter is to make sure your furniture is away from the walls in a more social setting. More throws and pillows will make it a wonderful place to relax while its snowing/raining outside - the more the better! Youll obviously want to keep your new arrangement tidy, so a housekeeper could be the thing you need. Find housekeepers with Supacare if this sounds good to you.


Orange ...

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Autumnal Mood board

php/JL Autumn Mood Board_1410945596.png

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How to Decorate Your House for Fall

Photo: Aimee Herring, Design: Ralph Lauren; Courtesy of Scot Meacham Wood (headshot)

Q: How do I update my house for fall? Vanessa C.

A: It's just starting to happen here in San Francisco: There's always a specific, almost magical, moment when it ceases to be summer and you know that fall has arrived. One of the first signs for me is when I'm making my morning Starbucks stop on the way to work and I see crossing guards ushering elementary students to the school in our neighborhood. Often that 'sense' of fall arrives before the calendar season or the chilly weather does ...

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Energy saving: Grab a grant while you can

php/WEB01 House graphic.jpg

You will have heard of those lucky homeowners now being paid generous subsidies for installing solar PV panels. However, the latest way to make cash from a home and substantially cut energy bills is with renewable technology. The government is making it easier for you to introduce eco-friendly measures into the home with grants and incentives, but what does it all mean and how do you get involved?

Whats the latest scheme?

Known as the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), this long awaited government programme was launched in April this year, paying homeowners for heat produced through renewable measures. Payments are made for seven years based on the estimated energy required to keep a property warm and with hot water derived from solar thermal, air source or ground source heat pumps or a biomass boiler.

Should I act now?

From April to July 2014, more than 7,400 homeowners applied for the RHI with 35,000 in ...

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AUGUST, 2014

The Ideal Escape: Create Your Perfect Beach House

php/New Picture_1407403453.png

Link to image

A beach house is a perfect escape from your busy day to day life. Many people in the UK are now investing in a beach house as a second-home, where they can go to when they need a break. Creating the ideal beach house experience is not all about finding a fantastic property. Once you have bought your home, you will need to do a bit of work to ensure that you feel comfortable and relaxed in the beach house.

Many of us opt to go abroad to see the sea. It is odd how people in the UK neglect their beautiful coastline. There are so many wonderful beaches and coves within the region. We should be making the most of the stunning scenery right on our own doorstep. Investing in a beach house in the UK means embracing our unique landscapes and enjoying what the island has ...

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JULY, 2014

Keep Cool This Summer


Is that sticky summer heat starting to get to you?

Though the UK can be rather dismal in terms of weather for what seems like the entire year, the summers hot and humid toll still manages to sneak up on us. Before you know it, nights that were previously spent with the heat blasting from the furnace, are now passed trying to crack the window another inch wider, aching for a breeze.

With the way that old buildings and homes trap the heat in, it can often feel as though theres no escape. You probably ask yourself how much longer this heat will endure but experts are saying you shouldnt have to.

Many people think of ceiling fans as being energy efficient, but ineffective. However, thats simply not the case. Not only are ceiling fans one of the most environmentally friendly ventilation options on the ...

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JUNE, 2014

Transform the area below deck

php/Transform the area below deck.jpg

                There are about 5% of yacht / boat owners who have the nicest things money can buy. This article probably does not pertain to you as much. For the other 95% of us, taking a trip out on your boat can be an incredibly relaxing event, until you go beneath the deck.

                The one thing that most people complain about is how below deck lacks that warm, welcoming feeling. That feeling you get after a long days work, and soon as you open your bedroom door, that king size bed is just calling your name.

                Boats lack this "warmth" in the most simplest sense, but it does not have to be this way. Here are a few quick tips and tricks to help transform that cold, cramped area below deck; into a cosy resting space.

Change up the colours

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APRIL, 2014

Summer's Hottest Floral Trends

php/New Picture_1398779911.png

Learn how easy it is to recreate the designs yourself - with a little help from the UK's leading teacher of floristry and flower arranging, Judith Blacklock.  Judith has unveiled 16 new online summer flower arrangment tutorials, where she shows how to make a variety of eye-catching and gorgeous summer flower arrangements. 

Anyone will be able to create new looks for the home, brighten up a summer dining table or make your own floral gift for friends and family.  And the good news is that you don't have to have had any flower arranging experience before - Judith is a past master at making it super simple - so that even the complete novice can achieve a beautiful outcome.  

Below 16 tutorials are all carefully thought out and planned - and feature a range of easy to come by seasonal summer blooms. 
Just choose the design that appeals ...

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Fresh flowers are a speedy way to brighten any space in your home. But take the time to avoid the mistakes that diminish your bouquet's staying power.

1. Going overboard choosing blooms
We're all for creativity, but if youre unsure of your eye for arranging, keep it simple. "Try choosing flowers in a single color," says Eric Buterbaugh, chief floral designer at The Bouqs. "I think they're more sophisticated and visually powerful. You don't have to overthink it."

2. Not putting your flowers in water ASAP
Dont plop your bouquet on the counter and then go off to answer a dozen emails. "It's important to hydrate your flowers immediately to preserve their integrity," says Valerie Ghitelman, floral merchandising director at 1-800-Flowers.

3. Cutting the stems straight across
"Stems should be cut at an angle with a sharp clean pair of clippers," says Ghitelman. "It provides a wider surface for water to travel up the stem."

4. Trimming your stems ...

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How to create a perfect garden room

An extra room looking on to the garden is a traditional choice for many UK homes, and whether it is a garden room, sunroom or conservatory, the variety available is vast. Its certainly a great way to add value to your property; the one danger is it can end up looking like something bolted onto the side of the house, rather than an integrated part of the existing structure.

Neil Ginger, CEO at Origin, gives his top tips on how to avoid this, and ways to enhance the flow and overall size, whilst adding value.

What to Look For:

The debate over which material is best is seemingly never ending; we would always recommend an aluminium structure for the glass doors and windows as it is the strongest of the three acclaimed materials (timber, PVCu and aluminium). Its strong and lightweight, so can support larger glass panels and allows ...

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