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New Gisela Graham Easter Collections 2016




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Stocking Filler Guide 2015

In amongst all the madness of shopping for your main Christmas presents you cannot forget the little stocking fillers. After all it’s Christmas tradition! But, so many of us leave it until last minute to pick up those little bits and pieces. That’s why we put together this guide. We want to give you an overview of a whole range of stocking filler ideas from right across the website, so you don’t have to spend hours browsing you can just go right to the products that will best fit!

Beauty Christmas Gifts – perfect for the beauty lover in your life. You can get individual items, like nail varnish, nourishing hand moisturiser, and a face mask, or a gift set. Gift sets take out the sometimes stressful present selection process. They come in a variety of themed bundles – from relaxation to glamour, so you will certainly find something that suits. Prices ...

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10 Ways To Improve The Heating Efficiency Of Your Home

Here are ten tips that are easy to implement that will help to keep the heat in your home this winter, and reduce your bills in the process.


Image by GollyGForce via Flickr


There are a lot of things that people can do to make sure that their home is being kept warm optimally, and these do not have to be expensive or difficult to do on your own, although some will require the skills of a professional.


1. Install Double Glazing


Double glazing is one thing on the list that may have some expense while also being something that the average person cannot do themselves. However, installing modern double glazing can reduce the cost to eat your home quite substantially, and over time the windows will end up paying for themselves in the ...

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HomeSense Hang a bauble campaign to help vulnerable children this Christmas

php/10 Bright Baubles.jpg

Action for Children joins forces with HomeSense for the sixth year running to raise funds


Leading children’s charity Action for Children has partnered with brands for less homeware retailer, HomeSense, for the sixth consecutive year to raise funds for Action for Children this Christmas.

Customers at HomeSense are able to buy a Christmas bauble for £1, on which they can write a festive message or their happiest childhood Christmas memory before hanging it on a special HomeSense Christmas tree in their local store. All proceeds from the bauble donations will go to Action for Children and its local services.

Sarah Cook, Director of Fundraising at Action for Children, said: "We have been delivering our ‘Hang a Bauble’ campaign in partnership with HomeSense for the last six years, during which time it has been an overwhelming success. Last year through our campaign, HomeSense raised more than ...

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How to Make a Festive Ladder by House of Fraser


Laura Fulmine is a prolific interior stylist, art director and set designer who has worked across a number of highly respected interior publications. Here she shows us how to make a Christmas Ladder Tree.


Firstly measure out the widths of wood you want each rung on your ladder to be. They should get smaller towards the top step. We suggest 60cm for the bottom rung, 50cm for the middle and 40cm for the top.

Using a small hand saw, carefully cut down your pieces of birch.

Use a small hand drill to attach the rungs to the lengths of wood

Once each piece is firmly in place hammer some tacks into the wood on which to hang your decorations. You can also twist fairy lights around the ladder.

For an extra festive touch sprinkle the wood with some pine-scented oil.

For more do it yourself Christmas ideas…


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How to Get Your Home Ready for Christmas by Graham & Brown

There’s only a few months to go before Father Christmas does his rounds again. During this time, we’ve no doubt you’ll be busy with plenty of family gatherings. After all, what is Christmas for if not to get your friends and family around the dinner table to enjoy the festivities? 
The thought of entertaining guests can be stressful, especially if you’ve not decorated your home for a few years. However, getting your house ready for all of these impromptu visits is easy with Graham & Brown, and you’ll be amazed at just how much extra confidence you’ll get from rejuvenating your interior design. 
Our stunning designs and easy-to-use wallpapering methods make decorating a doddle. So don’t get caught in the Christmas rush and make sure your home is ready to make a statement. Here are a few tips to help you get your home ready for the festive season.
Start planning now and ...

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Some Like It Hot – But Which Type Are You And What Do You Need To Buy?


Buying fuel that doesn’t come at the flick of a switch or turn of a control can be a minefield for homeowners, whether they have installed a wood burner or multi-fuel burner from scratch, or inherited one of these appliances, or an open coal fire.


Knowing what you are doing and what you should be using can be a serious matter, as using the wrong fuel could damage your chimney, cause a bigger issue, or invalidate your appliance’s warranty.  However, by not buying the best fuel for you, as an individual or family, you could also be missing out on fuel products that could save you money, allow you to operate your appliances more efficiently, better suit your lifestyle and adapt to your home’s physical and aesthetic features in the best possible way.  Read on, see if you recognise yourself in any of the ‘profiles’ and then guide yourself to the ...

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How to Choose the Right Fireplace for Your Home

If you thought about your ideal room to spend a cold winter’s night in, what would be there? A large couch, big cushions, a television playing a classic movie or candles flickering providing light may be a few possibilities to some. But one thing which would surely be there is a burning fireplace radiating light, heat and the sense of comfort and tranquillity which only a roaring fireplace can give. Keep this idea in mind when trying to imagine your home with the perfect fireplace to provide that touch of class and quality to your home.

Setting the Scene

It is important that when you search for your perfect fireplace, you take into account the design and style of your home. Modern interior design promotes open spaces, differences in lighting, subtle shades and statement furniture. More classic interior design may be of smaller, separate rooms that focus on ...

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How To Increase The Efficiency Of The Central Heating Boiler

If you have a central heating boiler in your home, you have to be sure that it works properly before winter sets in. That is because of various different reasons. Heating any home is important because of the comfort of the people living inside and the potential property damage that would appear when boilers are not functioning.

We are faced with a global recession and energy costs are rising. Most people are currently afraid and do not use central heating systems often. That is mainly because of the high costs that are associated with the process. Instead of being afraid of high costs, you could make sure that the central heating boiler becomes more energy efficient. That is not as hard to do as you may believe.

Buying A New One

This is the very first thing that you need to consider. In the event ...

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Christmas Gift Guide 2015

Antique Mirrored Frame

These beautiful Antique Mirrored picture frames have an elegance of a bygone age. They make wonderful gifts and are a great buy for displaying that special photograph. 4 x 6″ (Total Size 23 x 28cm) by for £26.95.

Kew Gardens Scented Candle

This beautiful candle was inspired by spruce, Scot’s pine and fir trees. As the light glows through the design of fine lined needles, the candle’s scent is crisp, fresh and clean, (it’s perfumed with pure oils of Mint, Thyme and Spruce). A traditional British candle-maker hand pours these candles. Once the wax is finished you have a striking and evocative tea light holder to last for ever. By for £15.

Advanced Techies: Smart Control from One For All 


Want a great gift for the techie in your life?  This new flagship remote control called Smart Control from One For All One For All Smart Control is only £39.99 and ...

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It's the season for candles!

As the leaves turn from green to brown, invest in Autumnal colours that will warm your home and give you visually rich interiors for the coming months. This season's deep, luxurious reds in raspberry, claret and crimson tones, elegant teal and petrol blues, and deliciously decadent aubergines, plums and mustards are inspired by the changing hues of the outside. And as October is nearly here, this can only mean one thing; AUTUMN IS ON IT’S WAY. Here are some things I love about Autumn that i’m really looking forward to: 

Hot Chocolates, Halloween, Autumn Leaves, Scarves, Hats and Boots, Candles, Candles & more Candles, Pumpkins, Films, Bonfires, Cosy Socks, Comfort Food (lots of it!), Salted Caramel being IN SEASON, Oversized Jumpers, Getting the fire going, The feeling that Christmas is approaching, More baths in the evenings, Rainy days under the duvet watching films, Evenings get darker, Being able to watch Hocus Pocus...the list is never endingWhat are you excited for around this time of the year?

Voluspa Home Fragrance Products

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Getting the house ready for winter - 0800 HANDYMAN

Autumn is the perfect time to take care of the little things that can make a big difference for you and your home during the winter months. 0800 HANDYMAN, London’s first mobile handyman service offers its advice of essential tasks which are all well with-in the average person's ability. Even if you choose to have a professional handle them, it's worth the expense. You'll save money -- and maybe even your life.


Below is 0800 HANDYMAN’s checklist for getting the house ready for colder weather:


Get your mind in the gutters - Inspect and clean gutters and downspouts. Clogged gutters can lead to damaged exterior surfaces and to water in your basement. They are also more prone to rust and corrosion. Before the leaves fly this fall, have your gutters cleaned, then covered with mesh guards to keep debris from returning.

·      ...

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Get Cosy with Samantha Holmes Alpaca Fashion & Homeware


Understatedly elegant, the new Samantha Holmes collection consists of exclusive, hand-crafted fashion and home accessories, made from luxuriously soft natural fibres such as ethically sourced baby alpaca and bamboo. Each product is designed in Scotland and made by skilled artisans in Peru using traditional methods.

Founded in 2003, the Samantha Holmes label is one of the longest established alpaca lifestyle brands within the UK. Samantha found her first inspiration for luxury fabrics and traditional craftsmanship in Nepal from where she imported cashmere from a small hand weaving cooperative, however it was on discovering alpaca, that she found her niche. The fur used is from alpaca that have died of natural causes - baby alpacas - or 'cria', as they are known. The ...

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5 Things to Add to Your Fall To-Do List

You probably give your home a deep clean in the spring, but you should also show it some love at the beginning of fall. Here's where to start:

1. Perform a pantry audit.

First, remove all the cans and boxes from the shelves, and vacuum away any lingering dust or crumbs (a lot can build up in just a few months!). Then, inspect each item before putting it back in its place, tossing anything that is expired or past its prime. Consult our shelf-life chart as a helpful guide.

2. Test and clean your smoke detectors.

You already know to put fresh batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors (doing it on the days you change the clocks for Daylight Saving Time is an easy way to remember). But you also need to clean your units, since dust that accumulates can cause them to under-perform. Using your vacuum cleaner's soft brush attachment, clean in and around the ...

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Autumn Must-haves!

Home Accessories and Soft Furnishings for a Cosy Autumn Retreat

We are delighted to present a beautiful range of homely autumnal comforts from our clients The Scandinavian ShopLuku HomeStuff of DreamsSkandihome and Place in Print. We have a lovely selection of throws, rugs, cushions and candles, perfect for creating a cosy autumn haven. From luxurious fur rugs to snug woollen cushions, our clients have a gorgeous selection for when the crisp weather begins to set in. 

Pictured above: Luxe Rug in Platinum From £500, Luku Home

Snug Throws and Blankets

These luxurious blankets and throws can finish off a bedroom or living room perfectly. Placed at the end of your bed, or used to dress up an armchair or sofa, they are both cosy and stylish.
Karl Herringbone Throw £39 
The Karl herringbone throw not only has a beautiful classic design, it is also soft and gentle to the skin, perfect to wrap around you on those cold Nordic ...

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Elsie & Fleur Christmas 2015 Look Book is an online boutique for food, garden, home and lifestyle products that have been created with love by gift makers and nimble-fingered crafters based in the West. 


It was born out of a desire for people to be able to buy unique items. All the products are being sold to support micro businesses, run by kitchen table entrepreneurs and mumpreneurs, the economic lifeblood of Great Britain.


Its aim is to offer people the chance to buy unusual, handmade, yet affordable, items from the comfort of their own homes. 

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Set the Scene for the Festive Season with Captivating Wall Art from

Christmas, Wintry & Autumnal Picks from - An online store of Captivating Wall Murals & Canvases is an online store dedicated to delivering the very best quality wall murals, wall graphics and canvases using state-of-the-art technology. Inspired by a variety of themes, their wall art is the perfect way to personalise the home. offers wall murals using the most amazing and inspirational photography, beautiful contemporary designs, sporting imagery, superhero, film and comic characters and some of the world's greatest fine art classics. You can also create your own wall mural using your own photography.

The wall art is easy to install, clean and remove - the 'repositionable' material can be moved and re-stuck hundreds of times. products are made-to-measure, available in bespoke sizes, using ultra-high quality smooth wallpaper, ensuring a great finish.

Here you will find wall decor for the perfect Christmas, Wintry or Autumnal scene. The products featured can both be ...

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A Scandinavian Christmas - Candles, Tree Decor & Accessories


A Scandinavian Christmas

The Scandinavian Shop has a fabulous selection of wintry delights to adorn the home this Christmas and to turn a house into a festive Scandinavian haven. The Scandinavian Shop has been bringing a unique blend of iconic Nordic brands and more unusual contemporary offerings to its customers in the Scottish town of Helensburgh since the early 1970's and is now proud to have a successful online store.

From icy toned, Nordic-inspired tree hanging decorations, to metallic shimmering candle holders, The Scandinavian Shop has the accessories to turn a home in to a Winter Wonderland this December.

Pictured Above: ...

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·  Smart radiator valves alone could cut heating bills by 20%1

·  Allows monitoring of heating, lighting and electrical appliances through Internet of Things

·  The smart monitoring system is controlled via an app on Android, iPhone or PC

·  Entry model offers plug and play for immediate set-up.


As energy prices rise and the complexity of home heating controls increases, homeowners will welcome an entirely new range of easy-to-use energy saving products that could help to reduce energy bills by as much as 20%1 in a simple yet effective way.


Energenie, makers of superior energy saving products and devices, has introduced the Mi|Home range of adapters and monitors, allowing greater control over heating, lighting and electrical appliances that is truly accessible to everyone.


Working remotely through either an iOS and Android app or a PC, users can simply scan the Gateway with their ...

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JULY, 2015

Your 5 Step Plan to Planning the Perfect Christmas Party

Christmas is the biggest party season of the year, with everyone from families to businesses planning parties to celebrate the holiday and the end of the year and the start of a new one. The fact that so many people are planning a holiday party at Christmastime, however, can make it difficult and stressful to plan your own.

If you're hoping to plan the perfect Christmas party this year, check out the convenient 5-step plan below to make the process easier.

1.      Figure Out Your Budget

Without a budget in mind, you won't be able to decide on every element of your upcoming Christmas party. So, first off, start planning your party well in advance, and during that time, calculate how much money you're willing to spend on the venue, the food and beverages, the decorations, the entertainment, etc.

2.      Choose Your Venue

Now ...

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